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Ferguson Gaza Sign

Anti-Israel Activity Rises on U.S. Campuses

In the wake of Israel's Gaza operation, student groups seeking to isolate and delegitimize Israel dramatically stepped up their activity on college campuses. ADL's exclusive new report explores how and why.

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Best Practices

ADL Releases "Best Practices" for Challenging Cyberhate

A new initiative establishes guideposts for the industry and the Internet community to help prevent the spread of online hate speech.

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Upset Boy

Protect the Right to Vote

Help ADL protect the right to vote for all Americans. It's an essential civil right.

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Crucial Protections of the Voting Rights Act

In the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court order permitting Texas' discriminatory voter ID law to stand, ADL called on Congress to act swiftly and decisively to ensure that all Americans can exercise their fundamental right to vote.

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Sweden's Recognition of Palestine 'A Reward for Intransigence'

Following Sweden's recognition of a state of Palestine, ADL called the decision a "reward for intransigence" which will only encourage Palestinian refusal to engage with Israel.

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Shooting of Temple Mount Activist "Premeditated"

ADL expressed shock at the shooting of Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas referred to Israel's decision to close the area as a security precaution a "declaration of war."

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