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We Were Strangers Too

'We Were Strangers Too': Telling the Refugee Story Through Art

The Creative Action Network and ADL have teamed up to invite artists all over the world to illustrate refugee stories from across time and geography.

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Michela Buttignol

White Supremacist Prison Gangs

New ADL Report: White Supremacist Prison Gangs Active in 42 States

Our latest report shows that white supremacist prison gangs are on the rise in the U.S., with growing membership and increased activism both behind bars and on the street.

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Join Us in Washington, DC for Our National Leadership Summit

Join Us in Washington, DC for Our National Leadership Summit

Join your fellow ADL leaders at this three-day interactive Summit. You will connect with leading policy experts, meet activists from around the country and engage with your Members of Congress.

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One-Sided Palestinian Resolutions at the U.N.

ADL urged U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power to reject Palestinian efforts to present a one-sided resolution harshly critical of Israel, saying it would in no way advance Israeli-Palestinian bilateral negotiations.

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The Iranian Regime Has Not Changed

Iran continues to display little regard to the human rights of its own citizens and spread hate against Jews. It is timely to review some of the predictions made that the nuclear deal would lead to a more moderate country.

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Countering Extremism and Combating Stereotypes

For educators, finding the right balance is challenging. Our resources can help enable educators and school administrators address extremism, help put it in context and keep schools safe.

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