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US-Israel Agreement Provides Moment of Hope and Stability

US-Israel Agreement Provides Moment of Hope and Stability

The announcement of a military agreement between Israel and the U.S. will enable the Jewish state to retain its qualitative military edge in a region fraught with uncertainty, plagued by radical extremism and state failure, and continuing hostility.

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Palestinian President Lays Out Plan to Sidestep Negotiations With Israel

ADL Condemns Abbas Plan to Sidestep Negotiations With Israel

In contrast to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s U.N. remarks, where he offered to meet with President Abbas, the Palestinian president laid out a plan to evade negotiating directly and rejected the connection of the Jewish people to Israel.

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Making the Fight Against Cyberhate a Priority

Making the Fight Against Cyberhate a Priority

ADL has hired Brittan Heller to serve as its first Director of Technology and Society. In this new role in Silicon Valley, Heller will build on ADL’s decades of work tracking cyberhate and working in partnership with tech companies and law enforcement to reduce online anti-Semitism and bigotry.

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No Evidence of Iranian Moderation

ADL called on world leaders at the UN to strongly condemn the anti-Semitism in Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

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Combating BDS and Efforts to Delegitimize Israel

ADL is actively tackling various efforts to delegitimize the State of Israel. Find out how and see what’s next in our fight against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

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Back to School

ADL resources provide ways in which educators can use innovative ideas and new resources to integrate anti-bias education practices into the classroom.

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