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2012 Annual Report
Anti-Semitism. Bigotry. Hate crimes. Bullying. Extremism.

Annual Report 2012: Extremism
Credit: John Flavell/AP/Corbis


ADL experts today use sophisticated databases and inventories to keep track of nearly 1,000 extremist groups and more than 8,000 individual extremists.

In ADL's early years, when extremists such as the Ku Klux Klan and U.S. groups tied to Nazi Germany had large followings, we developed a system of gathering and analyzing public information to fight back. Armed with this data on domestic extremists, we discredited their ideas and helped law enforcement do its work.

Now that we’re an international organization, we apply the same techniques to threats from abroad and from cyberspace. Last year, after ADL revealed that Apple’s iTunes service was providing access to content from al-Manar, Hezbollah’s satellite television station, the Lebanese-based terrorist organization blamed ADL for Apple's decision to remove its content. When the first-ever version of the Talmud was published in Arabic, we translated the introduction and, finding anti-Semitism, called for action against it. We also exposed the Twitter accounts of seven foreign terrorist organizations, including Hamas and a Somali Al Qaeda affiliate known as al Shabaab.

Domestically, we exposed efforts by international terror groups to recruit Americans. We reported on the often-overlooked but still troubling incidence of anti-abortion violence. Additionally, information from an ADL investigative researcher led to the re-opening of a multiple murder investigation and subsequent indictments—13 years after the brutal crimes were committed by white supremacists.

Law enforcement turns to ADL when extremism strikes. When they need critical information quickly, we are a trusted source.

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"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing."

— from Edmund Burke

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2012 Annual Report

See how far we've come in the last century–and how far we have yet to go–by reading ADL’s 2012 Annual Report celebrating our Centennial anniversary.

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