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Anti-Israel Rally

Virulent Anti-Israel Protests in the U.S.

Extreme, even anti-Semitic, messages have often marked the 300+ anti-Israel rallies in response to Israel's military operations against rockets from Gaza.

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Anti-Israel Rally in Europe

Vitriol and Violence at Anti-Israel Protests in Europe

Rallies condemning Israel for its response to Hamas rockets have included undeniably anti-Semitic expressions such as “Slaughter the Jews!” and an attack on two synagogues.

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Helping Victims Find a Voice

When a member of Australia’s Jewish community fell victim to an anti-Semitic attack, he was not alone.

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Global Anti-Semitic Incidents

Timeline of selected, disturbing incidents from Australia to Venezuela.

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The First Global Survey Ever of Anti-Semitic Attitudes

In which countries are anti-Semitic views more common, and in which countries are they rare?

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Disturbing Twitter Hashtag: #HitlerWasRight

Pro-Hitler hashtags have gained popularity since the start of Israel's military operation in Gaza.

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