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Database of Anti-Semitic Cartoons from the Arab and Muslim World

ADL monitors and documents anti-Semitic cartoons appearing in media throughout the Arab and Muslim world, in our ongoing effort to expose and combat the widespread anti-Semitism in newspapers, magazines and websites across the Middle East. These anti-Semitic caricatures and themes contain demonic depictions of Jews that include big noses, black coats and hats, large skull caps, and many promoting age-old global Jewish conspiracy theories.

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Claims that ISIS has Jewish Roots Grow in Muslim World

Sev­eral promi­nent pub­lic fig­ures in parts of the Mus­lim World, includ­ing reli­gious fig­ures, elected offi­cials and schol­ars, are pro­mot­ing a con­spir­acy sug­gest­ing the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was cre­ated by the Jews and Zion­ists to tear Islam apart.

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Cartoon of the Week

United Arab Emirates, February 1, 2015

Written on the elephant: "Congress."

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