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Civil Rights

School Segregation Protest

School segregation protest. National Archives and Records Administration

60 Years Later: The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education

Sixty years after the Supreme Court's landmark ruling striking down segregation in schools, the promise of equal education remains largely unfulfilled.

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Abraham Foxman Vital Speeches

ADL National Director on "Civility in Politics and Public Life"

ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman discusses growing polarization and incivility and how it may harm democracy.

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Responding to Anti-Gay Hate Crimes

Judy Shepard’s son, Matthew, was murdered because he was gay. But out of her family’s tragedy came an opportunity.

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Protect the Right to Vote

The right to vote is now threatened—especially for minorities, people with low incomes, the elderly and students. Help make sure their rights are respected. Support the Voting Rights Amendment Act of 2014.

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Understand Your Religious Rights

ADL's legal team provides overviews and Q &As on topics including:

  • The First Amendment and Religious Freedom
  • Religion in the Public Schools
  • Religious Accomodations in the Workplace

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ADL's Top Civil Rights Issues

Learn what ADL is doing to fight anti-Semitism, combat hate crimes and hate on the Internet, advocate for immigration reform, expand LGBT rights, advance women’s equality—and much more.

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