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" put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination..."

From the beginning, ADL recognized the importance of addressing not only the defamation of the Jewish people, but simultaneously understood the importance of securing "justice and fair treatment to all..."

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ADL Reacts to Texas Voting Rights Ruling; Urges Congressional Action

In the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling permitting Texas' discriminatory voter ID law to stand, ADL called on Congress to act swiftly and decisively to restore the crucial protections of the Voting Rights Act.  ADL noted that the Texas law has the potential to prevent more than 600,000 primarily African American and Latino registered voters from casting a ballot at the polls this November, and that the lower court had found that the law was enacted with discriminatory intent.

Read the full statement

ADL Joins Coalition Urging Broadcasters to Refrain From Using Racial Slur

ADL joined the Change the Mascot campaign and a diverse coalition of organizations in urging radio and TV broadcasters to refrain from using the Washington NFL team’s disparaging name on the public airwaves. Signed by over 100 leading Native American, religious and civil rights organizations, a letter went to national news networks and thousands of reporters who cover sports in cities with NFL teams.

The letter encourages broadcasters to join dozens of fellow media organizations who are refusing to use the team’s offensive name, including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Kansas City Star, The Denver Post, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Washington City Paper and many more. Leading journalists, including NBC Sports’ Bob Costas, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, USA Today’s Christine Brennan, and The Washington Post’s Mike Wise have been among the dozens of reporters who have individually spoken out against the team’s name.

Read the Coalition Letter Here

Just Filed!

Read about ADL's work in the courts from this past term.

Amicus curiae, literally "friend of the court," briefs have proven to be one of the most effective means of achieving ADL's goal of "securing justice and fair treatment to all..." Such briefs are filed by groups who are not parties to a particular dispute but nevertheless have a stake in its outcome.

As a civil rights organization with a stake in many different types of litigation, ADL has filed amicus briefs in cases involving issues that range from the separation of church and state to racial discrimination to marriage equality.

Read About ADL's Amicus Work