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" put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination..."

From the beginning, ADL recognized the importance of addressing not only the defamation of the Jewish people, but simultaneously understood the importance of securing "justice and fair treatment to all..."

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ADL Welcomes VA Court Decision in Support of Marriage Equality

The Anti-Defamation League welcomed a Virginia federal court's decision striking down the commonwealth's marriage ban. The Court held that the ban unconstitutionally denies Virginia's same-sex couples the fundamental freedom to marry.

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On Eve of Sochi Olympics ADL Condemns Russia's Anti-LGBT Laws and Policies

As the world turns its attention to the Opening Ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, ADL condemned the Russian law criminalizing advocacy for equal rights for LGBT individuals and the government's failure to protect members of the LGBT community from violence.

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Just Filed!

Read about ADL's recently filed Supreme Court amicus brief in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

At issue in this case is a challenge by owners of for-profit, secular corporations to the federal Affordable Care Act's contraception mandate. The mandate requires the corporations to provide employees with comprehensive health insurance, including birth control coverage, or to pay a modest tax, which is generally less than the aggregate cost of employee health insurance. The owners and corporations claim that the contraception mandate violates the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act ("RFRA") by "substantially burdening" their religious exercise.

ADL's amicus brief argues that for multiple reasons, including the corporations having the option of not providing comprehensive health insurance, any burden on regligious exercise posed by the mandate is incidental and therefore does not violate RFRA.

Read About ADL's Brief