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ADL's Message to Congress: A Climate of Bias and Hostility Towards Immigrants Hurts Us All

The House Oversight and Governement Reform Committee held hearings on "Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security." ADL wrote to the Committee that demonizing all immigrants for the alleged criminal acts of a few is not only misguided but also dangerous.

Read the Testimony (PDF)

Anti-Refugee Sentiment Runs Rampant

Since the Obama administration has talked about increasing the number of Syrian refugees for resettlement in the United States, there has been an uptick in anti-refugee rhetoric from mainstream politicians to anti-immigrant activists. It has also exacerbated the anti-Muslim sentiment already prevalent in these circles.

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Immigrants and Immigration: Debunking the Myths & Responding With Facts

Recently, anti-immigrant rhetoric has reached a fever pitch. Immigrants and refugees have been portrayed as murderers and rapists, people have claimed that terrorists are infiltrating the U.S. through the border, and there have been calls to build a wall along the border. Learn the myths and facts about immigrants, refugees and immigration.

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