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Huddled Mass or Second Class

The Road to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Recognizing that all families deserve a future that embraces diversity and equal access to the American dream, ADL has supported fair and humane immigration policies since its founding in 1913. In June ADL applauded the Senate’s passage of a comprehensive immigration reform bill, calling it “a very important step” towards fixing the nation’s broken immigration system. Join ADL in asking the House to pass comprehensive immigration reform that reflects our values as a nation of immigrants.

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ADL Concerned By Rise in Hateful Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today voiced concern about the climate of fear and intimidation generated by protests that have sprung up in some parts of the country in response to the humanitarian crisis at our nation’s borders.

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ADL's Commitment to Meaningful Immigration Reform

Through legislative advocacy, legal briefs, public education and training ADL has supported meaningful immigration reform that honors our values as a nation of immigrants.

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Longtime Anti-Immigrant Activists Behind Murrieta Protests

Anti-immigrant protesters in Murrieta, California.
Robyn Beck/AFP – Getty Images

Starting in late June 2014, anti-immigrant activists in Murrieta, California, have prevented buses carrying migrants fleeing violence in Central America from entering the town’s border patrol processing center. The protests have garnered national and international attention due to the extreme rhetoric and ugly climate surrounding them. Numerous anti-immigrant activists with close ties to the anti-immigrant movement flocked to Murrieta from all over Southern California to participate. Some of these protesters are closely tied to extreme elements of the anti-immigrant movement and have a history of bigoted statements.

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