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Archive: Immigration


Testimony: House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearings on Criminal Aliens Released by the Department of Homeland Security

Op-ed: This Passover Let Us Remember that Once We Were Strangers, Too 

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Ideologue Michelle Dallacroce Calls It Quits

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Groups Ratchet Up TV Ad Campaigns


Blog: "With Open Gates": Racist Anti-Refugee Video Goes Viral

Blog: Anti-Refugee Sentiment Reaches New High After Paris Attacks

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Activists Make Common Cause With Extremists

Article: Anti-Refugee Sentiment Runs Rampant

Article: Myths and Facts About Immigrants and Immigration

Blog: When Hateful Speech Leads to Hate Crimes: Taking Bigotry Out of the Immigration Debate

Amicus Brief: Serna v. Texas Department of State Health Services

Press Release: ADL Deplores Apparent Hate Crime in Boston Fueled by Anti-Immigrant Bigotry

Article: San Francisco Fatal Shooting Galvanizes Anti-Immigrant Movement

Press Release:  ADL Condemns Donald Trump's Hate Speech and Stereotyping

Blog: Mainstream Figures Demonize Hispanic Immigrants with Bigoted Rhetoric

Blog: Event Offers Chance to Win Pink Prison Underwear Signed by Joe Arpaio

Article: Point of Contention: A Fractured White Supremacist Take on Immigration

Article: A Wave of Ugly Rhetoric Targeting Muslim Immigrants

Blog: CAPS Provides Platform for Anti-Immigrant Extremists

Blog: House Judiciary Committee Extends Invitation to Sheriff Paul Babeu

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Group Exploits MLK to Rail Against Immigration Reform

Blog: After Terrorist Attacks, Anti-Immigrant Activists Attack Muslim Immigration


Article: Examples of Racism from the Anti-Immigrant Movement in 2014

Blog: Activists Use Extreme Rhetoric in Response to Obama’s Executive Action

Blog: After Executive Action on Immigration, Extremists Lash Out

Blog: Anti-immigrant Activist Provides Substantial Input For Georgia Bill

Press Release: ADL Welcomes President’s Executive Action on Immigration

Blog: FAIR Advisory Board Member Promotes Racist Views in Anti-Semitic Paper

Article: Activists with Extremist Ties Behind Oregon Immigration Referendum

Blog: Images Reveal Extreme Anti-Immigrant Activists At PFIR Conference

Article: Anti-Immigrant Groups Target Aid for Unaccompanied Minors

Article: Anti-immigrant Movement Links Immigration to Terrorism

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Groups Call For Immigration Bans Following Ebola Scare

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Groups Attempt To Bring ISIS Into The Immigration Debate

Blog: Small Protests Around the U.S. Ratchet Up Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Groups Plan National Protests Against Children Fleeing Violence

Article: Longtime Anti-Immigrant Activists Behind Murrieta Protests

Blog: Michigan Anti-Immigrant Activist Behind Central American Child Protest

Press Release: ADL Concerned By Rise in Hateful Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Blog: Children Suffering On Southern Border Fodder For Anti-Immigrant Voices

Article: Anti-Immigrant Activist Maria Espinoza Increases Her Profile

Blog: CIS Promotes Widely Disputed Report on Far-Right Radio Show

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Activist Creates Front Group Focusing On Biometric Security

Blog: FAIR Advisory Board Member Does Radio Interview on Anti-Semitic Website

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Think Tank Appoints Bay Buchanan To Board

Article: Anti-Immigrant Movement Implements Nativist State Strategies in 2014

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Movement Dealt Three Major Blows In One Day

Blog: ProEnglish Attacks Super Bowl Ad Promoting America’s Diversity

Article: Funders of the Anti-immigrant Movement

Article: Examples of Racism from the Anti-immigrant Movement in 2013


Blog: Anti-Semite John Friend Interviews Center for Immigration Fellow on His Radio Show

Blog: Racists to Rally in South Carolina Against Immigration Reform

Article: The Anti-Immigrant Movement’s Focus on Pro-Immigrant Legislation

Blog: Anti-immigrant And Anti-Muslim Groups Join Forces To Host Event In North Carolina

Article: CAPS Activists Found New Anti-Immigrant Group

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Group CAPS Appoints Extremist As A Writing Fellow

Article: Extremists Exploit Issue of Immigration Through Activism

Article: Californians for Population Stabilization Ramps Up its Activities

Article: Mark Krikorian Published Alongside Anti-Immigrant Extremists in Journal

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Activists And Extremists React To Barbara Coe’s Death

Blog: Georgia Police Chief Accepts Award From Racists At Anti-Immigrant Rally

Blog: Georgia Police Chief To Join Extremists At Anti-Immigration Protest

Blog: ADL Commends Legislators For Taking Stand Against Rep. Steve King’s Demonizing Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Blog: Frosty Wooldridge Blames Immigrants And Muslims For Detroit’s Decline

Letter: ADL to Rep. Steve King: Stop Using Inappropriate and Incendiary Language in the Immigration Debate

Article: Anti-Immigrant Activists, Extremists and Politicians at DC March

Blog: Speakers at DC “March for Jobs” Rally Have Bashed Immigrants and Muslims

Article: Anti-Immigrant Movement Reacts to Passage of Immigration Reform Bill

Press release: ADL Welcomes Senate Passage of Immigration Reform; Calls on House to Act

Blog: Black American Leadership Alliance Mobilizing Against Immigration Reform

Blog: Jason Richwine Has Ties To More Extreme Elements of Anti-Immigrant Movement

Article: Anti-Immigrant Front Groups Used in Fight Against Immigration Reform

Article: Anti-Immigrant Movement’s Arguments Against Immigration Reform

Article: Anti-immigrant Extremists Respond to Immigration Reform Bill

Article: Anti-immigrant Website Uses Boston Bombings to Target Immigrants

Blog: Director of White Supremacist Organization Tied to Anti-immigrant Groups

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Activist Writes Vicious Anti-Muslim Screed

Article: Former Congressman Virgil Goode Embraces Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

Article: Ties Between the Anti-Immigrant Movement and Eugenics

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Umbrella Group U.S., Inc.'s New Website Reveals Organization's Influence

Blog: New Images Reveal Racists Attended Progressives for Immigration Reform Conference

Blog: Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) Named Head of House Immigration Reform Caucus

Resource: ADL's Testimony on Immigration Reform for Senate Judiciary Committee

Press release: ADL Welcomes President Obama's Call to Fix America's Immigration System

Article: Anti-Immigrant Movement Reacts to Immigration Reform Proposals

Blog: Oklahoma Anti-Immigrant Group Blames Jews for Promoting Gun Control

Blog: FAIR's Susan Tully Promotes Bigotry and Conspiracies on Radio Show

Blog: White Supremacists Plan Anti-Immigration Rallies Nationwide in February 2013 


Blog: New "Environmentalist" Book, Life on the Brink, Features Anti-Immigrant Writers

Blog: Upcoming Maryland Event Sign of Increased Anti-Immigrant Activity

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Group Circulates Blog from White Supremacist in Weekly Email

Blog: Key Coalition of Anti-Immigrant State Lawmakers Declines by 30% after Election

Blog: Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Speakers to Appear at Religious Right Confernce in Dallas

Blog: Pro-English Recruits Controversial Signatories for Letter to House and Senate Leadership

Blog: Progressives for Immigration Reform Conference Attracts Major Anti-Immigrant Figures

Blog: Numbers USA Donates $100,000 to Help Defend Anti-Immigrant Ordinance in Farmers Branch, Texas

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Movement Dealt Blow by U.S. Appeals Court

Blog: Progressives for Immigration Reform Announces Conference and New Project

Blog: New Documentary Portrays Negative View of Immigration in the U.S.

Blog: Conference the Latest Sign of Increased Anti-Immigrant Activity in North Carolina

Blog: Head of Anti-Hispanic Hate Group Interviewed by Anti-Semitic Publication

Blog: Anti-Immigrant Political Action Committee Sees Rise in Contributions for 2012 Election Cycle

Feature: Arizona: The Key Players in the Anti-Immigrant Movement

Feature: J.T. Ready: Neo Nazi and Anti-Immigrant Extremist

PDF: ADL Letter to Senate Judiciary Subcommittee: Allowing Local Law Enforcement to Enforce Federal Immigration Law is Dangerous


Article: Rally in Support of Arizona Immigration Law Attracts Extremists

Press Conference: Remarks of Deborah M. Lauter, Director of Civil Rights, on the Arizona Immigration Bill


Article: Anti-Immigrant Leader Joe Turner Begins Job for San Bernardino County

Article: Xenophobes Take Up Anti-Government Cause

Article: Jim Rizoli Promotes Holocaust Denial on Public Access TV

Article: White Supremacists Promote ALIPAC and Take Action on its Behalf

Report: Brenda Walker and Dan Amato: Anti-Immmigrant Bloggers

Article: Pundits, Bloggers Blame Immigration for Swine Flu

Article: Racists Gather in Maryland to "Preserve" Western Civilization


Report: Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream (updated version) 


Article: U.S. Anti-Immigrant Groups Meet with Belgian Racists


Resource: ADL Resolution on Immigration Reform 

Speech: The Immigration Debate: Extremists On the Attack

Report: Extremists Declare 'Open Season' on Immigrants


Resource: ADL Resolution On Immigration and the Role of Local Law Enforcement

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