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Archive: Religious Freedom Op-Eds & Blog Posts


Key Supporter Of After-School Religious Clubs Ironically Says Satanic Temple Can Be Barred 08/09/16

Governor Urges Iowans to Attend Bible Marathons 06/07/16

Defense Authorization Act Moves Forward With Discriminatory Provision 05/23/16

Lawsuit to Be Filed Challenging Broadest Anti-LGBT Law in the Nation 03/16/16

A Win For Religious Minorities In the Military 03/04/16

Abortion and Religious Freedom: The Right-Wing Assault on Religious Diversity in Reproductive Freedom 03/02/16

Alito Got It Right In Jewish Inmate Case 03/01/16

Religious Freedom: Revolutionary and an American Strength 01/15/16


Supreme Court to Hear Second Contraception Mandate Challenge 11/10/15

Texas’ “Pastor Protection Act” Is Far From Innocuous 06/30/15

Governor Haley’s Ill-Considered Participation in Mass Prayer Rally 06/03/15

Arkansas’ and Indiana’s Fixes to “Religious Freedom” Laws are Illusory 04/03/2015


The Price of Religious Exclusion 12/04/14

Good D.C. Circuit Ruling on ACA Contraception Mandate Opt-Out Rule 11/20/14 

HHS Issues Overly-Broad Draft Rule Following Hobby Lobby 10/23/14

NC School District Continues Legally Questionable Bible Course 10/20/14

Gun Range Owner’s Offensive Ban on Muslim Patrons is Unlawful 10/08/14

Sectarian Legislative Prayer – Walking In The Religious Minority’s Shoes 10/03/14

Town of Greece’s New Invocation Policy Excludes Religious Minorities 08/28/14

North Carolina Restaurant Discontinues Praying Customer Discount 08/08/14

Legislative Prayer Ruling Does Not Permit Prayers by Local Lawmakers 08/07/14

Public H.S. Graduation In Church? Good News, Bad News From High Court 06/20/14

Anti-Muslim Bigotry Taints Florida Ban on Foreign Laws 05/16/14

Breaching the Wall: The Real World Impact of Town of Greece v. Galloway 05/09/14

The Hobby Lobby Case: It’s Not Okay To Discriminate In The Name of Religion 03/25/14


Jewish Divorce Laws Threatened in Tallahassee 04/03/13

Leadership in Tallahassee Must Stand Against Intolerance 01/25/13


School Prayer Bill Threatens Religious Freedom 02/09/12


Keep Religion Out of Politics 11/15/11

Shout Down the Sharia Myth Makers 08/10/11


Let's Think Twice About Church Graduations 05/30/10

Extreme Amendments 04/14/10

School Prayer Bill Will Only Cause Hurt 03/29/10

School Prayer Legislation Is Divisive 03/24/10


The December Dilemma 12/11/09


Too Much Religion in Campaigns 09/09/08

Eruv Will Be Good for Community 08/25/08

Should Florida Taxpayers Fund Religious Discrimination? 03/25/08

Protecting Employees of Faith in Colorado 02/02/08


Religion And Politics: Leaving The Comfort Zone 12/14/07

Religion in the Presidential Race: A Troubling New Precedent 12/10/07

Judge Romney by His Platform, Not His Mormonism 06/25/07


Christmas Tree Episode in Seattle Unleashes Anti-Semitism 12/15/06

Diversity of Beliefs is American Way 02/10/06


ADL Not Anti-religion, But Against Religious Coercion 11/15/05

House OK of Faith-Based Hiring Poses Threat to Head Start 11/07/05

Accepting Federal Funds Means Rejecting Discrimination 09/23/05

Why The Ten Commandments Don't Belong on Government Property 03/27/05

Religion in the Public Square: Personal Faith, Not Public Policy 02/07/05


December Holidays Should Promote Inclusiveness 12/17/04

ADL on Scalia: Concurring In Part and Dissenting In Part 12/16/04

Another Election Season Brings Church-State Challenges 06/18/04


ADL Not Out to Censor Christmas 12/12/03