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Archive: Religious Freedom Press Releases


ADL Disappointed by Supreme Court Decision That Further Delays Implementation of Contraception Mandate 05/16/16

ICOM Joins Legal Brief in Support of Islamic Society of Basking Ridge 05/11/16

ADL Applauds Tennessee Governor’s Veto of Bible Bill 04/15/16

ADL Applauds Governor Deal 03/28/16 

ADL to South Carolina Pastor Mark Burns: Retract Offensive Comments on Bernie Sanders’ Faith 03/15/16

ADL Expresses Disappointment in Senate Vote; Urges Georgia House to Reject License to Discriminate Legislation 02/22/16 

ADL Files Amicus Brief Defending Affordable Care Act’s Contraception Mandate 02/18/16

ADL, 130 Organizations Join Letter Calling For an End to Taxpayer-Funded Religious Discrimination 08/20/16

ADL Commends Proposed White House Safeguards Against Religious Coercion in Federally Funded Programs 08/05/16


ADL Lauds Supreme Court Decision on Religious Discrimination in Employment Practices 06/01/15

ADL Cautions States on “Religious Freedom” Laws That Empower Discrimination 04/01/15

ADL Strongly Opposes Indiana’s So-Called ‘Religious Freedom’ Law 03/31/15

ADL: Supreme Court Decision in Inmate Beard Case Helps to Ensure Religious Freedom for All Institutionalized Persons 01/20/15

ADL Lauds Supreme Court Decision on Religious Discrimination in Employment Practices 06/01/15


ADL Weighs in on Religious Discrimination in Workplace 12/15/14

ADL Disappointed by “Minefield” Created by Supreme Court’s Decision on Contraceptive Coverage 01/30/14

ADL “Deeply Disturbed” By Supreme Court’s Sanction of Divisive Sectarian Prayer at Local Town Boards 05/05/14

ADL: U.S. Military Must Act to Safeguard Religious Freedom 01/29/14

ADL to Supreme Court: Commercial Businesses Cannot Impose Religious Beliefs on Employees 01/28/14

ADL to New Hampshire Supreme Court: Publicly Funding Private Schools That Discriminate is Unconstitutional 01/13/14 



ADL Provides Guidance to Schools and Public Institutions to Appropriately Recognize Holiday Celebrations 12/03/13

ADL Reacts to Ohio Supreme Court Decision on Religion in Public School Science Class 11/20/13

ADL: Government Sponsored Religious Favoritism “Simply Unacceptable” 9/25/13

Anticipating Rise in Scheduling Conflicts from the Early High Holidays Season, ADL Offers New Resource on Religious Accommodation in Schools 07/25/13 

ADL Welcomes Appointment of Melissa Rogers As New White House Faith Based Director 03/13/13

ADL Expresses Concerns Over Proposed Federal Aid for Religious Institutions Affected by Hurricane Sandy (Updated) 02/20/13

ADL: Roman Catholic Church Is Not A Hate Group 01/04/13

ADL Expresses Concern Over Proposed Federal Aid for Religious Institutions Affected by Hurricane Sandy 01/04/13


ADL Provides Counsel to Schools and Public Institutions on Issues Surrounding December Holiday Celebrations 11/26/12

ADL Commends Germany for Passing Law to Keep Circumcision Legal 12/12/12

ADL Urges Polish Government To Resolve Legal Uncertainty Over Ritual Slaughter 11/28/12

ADL Provides Counsel to Schools and Public Institutions on Issues Surrounding December Holiday Celebrations 11/26/12

ADL Urges Florida Voters: Keep Government Out Of Religion Vote No On Amendment 8 10/17/12

ADL: German Authorities Should Honor Their Word Not To Press Charges Against Those Who Perform Ritual Circumcision 08/21/12

German Parliament Should Act To Protect Circumcision As Religious Practice 06/26/12

ADL Welcomes Agreement In Netherlands To Protect Jewish And Muslim Ritual Slaughter 06/06/12

ADL Shocked At French Prime Minister's Call For End To Jewish And Muslim Ritual Slaughter 03/06/12

ADL 'Deeply Disturbed' By Rick Santorum's Call For More Religion In Public Life 02/27/12

Diverse Coalition Asks Candidates To Honor Religious Freedom, Avoid Sowing Religious Discord In Campaigns 02/21/12

ADL to Rick Santorum: Keep Emphasis on Religion Out of Campaign 01/06/12


ADL Welcomes Rejection in Dutch Senate of Bill That Would Have Banned Kosher Slaughter 12/14/11

ADL Supports Inclusion of 'World Trade Center Cross' in Permanent Memorial to 9/11 Victims at Ground Zero 09/09/11

ADL Calls On President Obama To Clarify Policy On Discrimination In Faith-Based Program 08/03/11

ADL Applauds Federal Appeals Court Decision In North Carolina Prayer Case 08/02/11

ADL Hails San Francisco Superior Court Decision Rejecting Circumcision Ballot Initiative 07/28/11

ADL Condemns Dutch Vote Against Kosher Slaughter 06/28/11

ADL Joins In San Francisco Lawsuit Challenging Anti-Circumcision Ballot Initiative 06/22/11

ADL Says Texas Governor's Plans to Hold Prayer Rally "Misguided and Inappropriate" 06/09/11

ADL Opposes Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Measure 05/19/11

ADL: USAID Proposal a "Step Backwards" for Religious Freedom 05/06/11

ADL Concerned Over NY State Tuition Aid for Students at Private Religious Schools 03/31/11

ADL Encouraged by Alabama Governor's Apology for Exclusionary Remarks 01/19/11

ADL "Shocked And Offended" by Remarks of Alabama Governor Robert Bentley 01/18/11


President's Executive Order On Faith-Based Initiatives A 'Significant First Step,' But Leaves Important Work Undone 11/18/10

Jewish Community Leaders Criticize Proposed Ballot Measure Prohibiting Male Circumcision 11/17/10

ADL Denounces Injection of Religion Into Contest for Texas House Speaker 11/17/10

ADL Disappointed by Passage of Oklahoma Ballot Measure Targeting Islam 11/08/10

ADL Disappointed by Texas State Board of Education’s Consideration of Offensive Resolution 09/16/10

ADL Disappointed at Actions of Texas State Board of Education 05/21/10

Supreme Court Decision on Religious Monument 'Disappointing' 04/28/10

ADL Welcomes Repeal of Oregon Ban on Religious Attire for Teachers 04/02/10

ADL Urges President Obama to Ensure Faith-Based Initiative Does Not Lead to Proselytizing Or Discrimination 02/04/10

ADL Joins With Diverse Group of Organizations in Statement on Law on Religious Expression 01/12/10


In Wake Of Minaret Ban, ADL Urges Swiss Government To Ensure Religious Freedom 12/01/09

ADL Calls For Justice Dept. Review Of Religious Discrimination In Faith-Based Initiative 09/17/09

ADL To Supreme Court: Display Of Cross On Public Land Violates Church-State Separation 08/04/09

ADL Calls On Tennessee Legislature to Reject Exclusionary Church License Plate 05/12/09

ADL Applauds Arizona Supreme Court Decision On School Vouchers 03/25/09

ADL Concerned President Obama's Faith-Based Initiative Could Lead to Religious Discrimination 02/18/09


ADL Asks Judge to Reconsider Contempt Citation for Muslim Woman Wearing Head Scarf in Court 12/17/08

ADL Offers Schools And Government Guidance For Negotiating 'The December Dilemma' 12/08/08

ADL Welcomes Massachusetts Court Decision Protecting an Employee's Religious Freedom 12/04/08

Survey: Americans Believe Religious Values Are 'Under Attack' 11/14/08

'Pulpit Initiative' Raises Serious Moral And Legal Questions For Clergy 09/24/08

ADL Hails Court's Striking of Amendments 7 & 9 from Florida Ballot as a Victory for Religious Freedom 09/03/08

ADL Declares 10th Circuit Decision a Serious Setback for Religious Liberty in Colorado 07/24/08

ADL Urges Presidential Candidates To Ensure Proper Safeguards For Faith-Based Programs 07/03/08

ADL Tells Congress: Hearings On Religious Harassment In Military "Clearly Needed" 06/30/08

ADL Urges Supreme Court To Consider Church-State Aspect Of Religious Display Case 06/24/08

ADL Welcomes Court's Decision in Kent School District Case 04/29/08

ADL Welcomes Ruling that New Jersey Football Coach May Not Lead Students in Prayer 04/16/08

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Supports Redevelopment Authority's Transfer of Property to Religious Entity 01/03/08


ADL Reiterates Concern About Role Of Religion In The Presidential Campaign 12/06/07

ADL Welcomes Appeals Court Ruling Against Iowa Faith-Based Prison Program 12/03/07

ADL Offers Schools And Government Guidance For Negotiating The 'December Dilemma' 11/28/07

ADL Disappointed in 7th Circuit's Ruling Allowing Sectarian Legislative Prayer in Indiana 11/01/07

ADL Calls on Presidential Candidates to Keep Emphasis on Religion Out of Campaign 10/16/07

ADL Urges Sen. McCain to Withdraw Statements Describing U.S. as a 'Christian Nation' 10/01/07

ADL Submits Brief in Oregon Circumcision Case 09/12/07

ADL Disappointed In Supreme Court Decision Limiting Taxpayers' Right To Challenge Faith-Based Funding 06/25/07

ADL Applauds Federal Court Decision Upholding Separation of Church and State in Colorado 05/22/07

ADL Welcomes House Rejection Of Religious Discrimination Amendment To Head Start Program 05/03/07

ADL Welcomes House Committee's Rejection Of Religious Discrimination Amendment In Head Start 03/15/07

ADL Urges Supreme Court: Protect Taxpayers' Right To Sue In Cases Involving Government Endorsement Of Religion 02/02/07

ADL Urges Senate and House Armed Services Committees to Hold Hearings On Religious Coercion In Military 01/22/07


ADL Welcomes Settlement of Cobb County Evolution Sticker Case 12/20/06

ADL Response to the Port of Seattle Decision to Remove Christmas Trees 12/11/06

ADL Offers Schools Guidance For Negotiating The 'December Dilemma' 12/05/06

House Action to Limit First Amendment Protections "Hostile to Religious Freedom" 09/27/06

Jewish Groups Recommend Air Force Training on Religion 06/14/06

ADL Calls Upon Wyoming Attorney General to Investigate Use of State Funds by Religious Organizations 05/23/06

ADL Files Brief in Landmark Religious Freedom Case 05/08/06

House Committee Action Encourages Sectarian Prayer by Military Chaplains 05/08/06

ADL Authored Bill to Protect Condo Owners' Religious Freedom Becomes Law in IL 04/25/06

ADL Urges Afghanistan's Karzai To Drop Death Sentence For Christian Convert 03/24/06

ADL Says Air Force Guidelines on Religious Accommodation 'A Significant Step Backwards' 02/09/06


ADL Deeply Disappointed in Congressional Vote Approving National Voucher Plan 12/22/05

Dover Intelligent Design Decision A Victory for Students 12/20/05

ADL Offers Schools Guidance for Negotiating the 'December Dilemma' 12/06/05

Poll: Americans Believe Religion Is 'Under Attack' -- Majority Says Religion is 'Losing Influence' In American Life 11/21/05

ADL Says Bible Teaching Guide for Public Schools "Unacceptable" 11/07/05

ADL Commends Air Force for Guidelines to Protect Against Religious Intolerance 08/30/05

ADL To Falwell: Retract Call To 'Vote Christian' 08/08/05

Congress Should Oversee Implementation of Recommendations In Air Force Report on Religious Intolerance 06/28/05

ADL Welcomes Supreme Court Decision To Bar Ten Commandments Display In Courthouses; Expresses Disappointment With Allowing Displays Outside Courthouses on Government Land 06/27/05

ADL Welcomes Statement by USAFA Football Coach on Respect for Religion 06/22/05

ADL Welcomes U.S. Air Force Recommendations In Response To Religious Intolerance At Academy 06/22/05

Removal of Air Force Accountability Language in Defense Appropriations Bill Sends the Wrong Message 06/21/05

ADL Files Amicus Brief in Cobb County Evolution Sticker Case 06/10/05

ADL Welcomes Supreme Court Decision Upholding Religious Accommodation Statute 05/31/05

ADL To Senator Frist: Playing Religious Card Is 'Unacceptable' In Judicial Confirmation Debate 04/15/05

ADL Opposes Prayer in Florida Public Schools 04/12/05

ADL: AmeriCorps Decision Crosses Threshold to Weaken Church-State Separation 03/09/05

ADL Applauds the Virginia Senate's Rejection of Proposed Amendment Undermining Religious Freedom 02/22/05

Virginia Senate Urged to Reject Amedment On Religious Establishment 02/17/05

ADL Welcomes Judge's Ruling in Cobb County Evolution Sticker Case 01/14/05


ADL Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Reject Government Display of the Ten Commandments as Unconstitutional 12/13/04

ADL Offers Schools Guidance for Negotiating the 'December Dilemma' 11/09/04

ADL Welcomes Decision by Florida Court of Appeals Against State's Voucher Program 08/16/04

ADL Urges Texas GOP to Modify Party Platform Calling America "A Christian Nation" 06/22/04

ADL Urges House Committee Members to Reject Amendment Allowing Houses of Worship to Endorse Candidates 06/09/04

ADL Calls Invitation to Former Alabama Chief Justice As Witness In Senate Hearing on Religious Expression "Inappropriate" 06/07/04

Presidential Candidates Should Keep Emphasis on Religion Out of Campaign 01/06/04


ADL Offers Schools Guidance for Negotiating the "December Dilemma" 12/01/03

ADL Welcomes Removal of Alabama Chief Justice 11/13/03

ADL Troubled By Bush Administration's Latest Attempts to Promote Faith-Based Programs 09/24/03

ADL Disappointed in House Vote Approving Vouchers for DC Schools 09/10/03

ADL Welcomes Decision to Remove Ten Commandments from Alabama Courthouse 08/21/03

ADL to Supreme Court: State Must Reject Funding of Would-Be Minister 07/17/03

ADL Hails 11th Circuit Court Of Appeals Ruling on Ten Commandments Monument in Alabama 07/02/03

ADL Welcomes Education Secretary's Clarification On Role Of Faith In The Public Schools 04/10/03

ADL Deeply Troubled by Education Secretary Paige's Comments on Faith in The Public Schools 04/09/03

ADL to HUD Secretary: Faith, Money & Politics Are a 'Volatile Mixture' 03/07/03

ADL Takes Issue With Religious Safeguard Rules in New Federal Faith-Based Initiative 02/20/03

ADL Says Plan to Direct Tax Funds to Church Construction 'Patently Unconstitutional' 01/27/03


ADL Urges President Bush to Reconsider Executive Order on Faith-Based Initiatives 12/12/02

ADL Praises NYC Schools for "Setting a Precedent" for Dealing with Evangelical Assemblies 10/16/02

Deceptive "Anti-Violence" Program Targets Public School Students for Proselytizing 10/16/02

ADL Hails Defeat of House Bill That Would Have Permitted Religious Institutions to Endorse Elected Officials 10/02/02

ADL Hails Defeat of House Bill That Would Have Permitted Religious Institutions to Endorse Elected Officials 10/02/02

ADL Says Appeals Court Ruling on "One Nation Under God" Was Wrong 6/27/02

ADL Says Supreme Court Decision on Vouchers "Step Backwards" for Church-State Separation 6/27/02

ADL: Baptist Leader's Remarks Offensive, Demeaning And Damaging 6/12/02

ADL Calls White House Compromise Faith-Based Measure "A Welcome Improvement" Calls For Congressional Protection of Religious Liberty 12/07/02


ADL to Supreme Court: 'School Choice' Programs Violate Church State Separation, Harmful To Religious Freedom 12/13/01

ADL: Lutheran Resolution Calling on U.S. Government to End Aid to Israel "Deplorable" and "One-Sided" 8/21/01

ADL Says White House Report on "Charitable Choice" Understates Church-State and Discrimination Concerns 8/16/01

ADL Disappointed With House Passage Of Flawed "Charitable Choice" Legislation, Calls On Senate To Reject The Measure 7/19/01

"Charitable Choice" Provision is "Most Seriously Flawed Yet." ADL Calls on House Members to Vote Against H.R.7 7/17/01

ADL Applauds Senate Defeat of Voucher Program 6/12/01

ADL Says Supreme Court Decision is a Setback for Church-State Separation 6/11/01

ADL Says Charitable Choice is "Bad Public Policy", Urges Senate to Protect Church-State Separation 6/6/01

ADL Calls Proposed School Voucher Amendment "A Bad Choice For America" 05/22/01

ADL Says Jews for Jesus Ads are Deceptive and Offensive 04/27/01

ADL Welcomes Proposed Charitable Tax Deduction 04/11/01

ADL Says New "Charitable Choice" Legislation is Seriously Flawed 04/02/01

ADL Says Position Paper On Faith-Based Initiatives Does Not Adequately Address Concerns 02/27/01

ADL Outlines Safeguards and Firewalls for President Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative 01/29/01

ADL Raises Questions About Ashcroft’s Emphasis On Religion After Reading His Speech At Bob Jones University 01/12/01


ADL Offers Schools Guidance for Negotiating the 'December Dilemma' 11/22/00

ADL Applauds Enactment of Religious Freedom Bill 9/22/00

ADL to Senator Lieberman: Keep Emphasis on Religion Out of Campaign 8/28/00

ADL Applauds District Court’s Ruling that Verbal Prayer in Public Schools is Unconstitutional 6/16/00


ADL to Presidential Candidates: Keep Emphasis on Religion Out of Campaign 12/20/99

ADL Offers Schools Guidance for Negotiating the December Dilemma 11/16/99

ADL Calls on House of Representatives to Reject Misnamed "Religious Freedom" Amendment 9/15/99


ADL Applauds House Passage of Religious Freedom Bill 7/16/98

ADL Criticizes Church-State Violations in House Juvenile Justice Bill Calling Them 'False Solutions to Troubling Issues' 6/17/98

"December Dilemma" Challenges Separation of Church and State 12/14/98

ADL Welcomes Decision Barring Bible Story in Elementary School Class 10/1/98

ADL Urges Court to Hear Potential Landmark Vouchers Case 10/1/98

ADL Welcomes Supreme Court’s Rejection Of Governor’s Misguided Appeal 6/22/98

ADL Welcomes International Religious Freedom Act 6/17/98

ADL ISSUE BRIEF: "Religious Freedom" Amendment (H.J.Res. 78) 6/3/98

ADL Calls On House Of Representatives To Reject Misnamed "Religious Freedom" Amendment 6/2/98

ADL Joins Brief Asking Supreme Court To Hear Case In School Religion Controversy 5/29/98

ADL Welcomes Law School Deans’ Call To Congress To Defeat Istook Amendment 5/29/98

ADL Tells U.S. Commission On Civil Rights Religious Coercion In Public Schools Threatens To Undermine Values Of American Democracy 5/20/98

ADL Says Alabama Governor’s Call To Defy Federal Authority Subverts Fundamental Tenets Of American Democracy 5/8/98

ADL On Capitol Hill: Istook "Religious Freedom Amendment" Is Religious Coercion In Disguise 4/30/98

ADL Calls On Judiciary Committee Members To Reject Misnamed "Religious Freedom" Amendment 3/3/98

ADL Urges Appeals Court To Review Decision In Religion In Schools Case 1/7/98


ADL Joins Fight Against Religious Persecution Worldwide 7/2/97

ADL Disappointed By Supreme Court Ruling On Religious Freedom Restoration Act 6/25/97


ADL Calls on Congress to Uphold Religious Liberty and Reject Misnamed "Religious Equality Amendment" 7/23/96

ADL Joins Religious Groups to Oppose Misnamed "Religious Equality Amendment" 7/22/96

ADL Sets Up Fund To Rebuild Black Churches Destroyed By Arson 6/13/96

ADL Acts in Response to Black Church Arsons: Commends President's Initiative on Fires that 'Burn at the Fabric of This Country' 6/11/96

ADL Updates Guide on Religion in Public Schools 1/05/96


ADL Calls on Congress to Reject Religious Equaltiy Amendment and Uphold Religious Liberty 11/16/95

ADL Lauds Clinton Initiative on School Prayer 7/12/95

ADL Calls on Congress to Uphold Religious Liberty and Reject "Religious Equality Amendment" 5/17/95

Religion in Our Nation's Public Schools Background Information from ADL 5/11/95