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Combating Hate

ISIS Manipulates Social Media

ISIS Continues to Threaten U.S. and International Security

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continues to develop extensive English-language propaganda and recruit westerners, posing an ongoing threat to the U.S.

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Best Practices

ADL and Leading Internet Companies on Addressing Online Hate

ADL's groundbreaking new initiative establishes guideposts for the Internet community to help prevent the spread of online hate speech.

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Combating Hatred of the ‘Other’

His brother was murdered because someone thought he was Muslim, and by extension a “terrorist.” Heartbroken and shocked, he turned to ADL.

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FBI Hate Crime Statistics for 2012 Underreported

ADL expressed profound disappointment at the failure of more than 25 percent of the nation's law enforcement agencies to provide the FBI with their hate crime numbers.

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Hate On Display: A Visual Database Of Extremist Symbols, Logos And Tattoos

This database provides an overview of symbols frequently used by hate or extremist groups and movements.

Hate Symbols Database

Use Your Voice to Fight Online Hate

Report cyberhate with just a few clicks using ADL's unique new Cyber-Safety Action Guide.

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