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Combating Hate

Cyber-Safety Action Guide

ADL Introduces a Unique New Way to Report Online Hate

The online complaint forms and policies for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other Web sites can be hard to find. But now you can access them quickly through ADL's online Cyber-Safety Action Guide.

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Hezbollah flag

Hezbollah flag. Al-Manar

Hezbollah: Thirty Years of Terror Around the World

The July 2012 bombing of an Israeli tourist bus in Bulgaria is just one of the latest examples of violence linked to this organization—supported by Iran and Syria—that is active on nearly every continent.

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Inspiration for the Boston Bombing?

Instructions for how to make the same kind of bomb are online in Inspire, an English-language magazine published by Al Qaeda that has been read by others charged with terrorist plots.

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Hate On Display: A Visual Database Of Extremist Symbols, Logos And Tattoos

This database provides an overview of symbols frequently used by hate or extremist groups and movements.

Hate Symbols Database

Use Your Voice to Fight Online Hate

Report cyberhate with just a few clicks using ADL's unique new Cyber-Safety Action Guide.

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