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Combating Hate CYBERHATE

Cyber-Safety Action Guide

Fighting Cyberhate Since 1985

Since publishing its first report on digital hate in 1985, the ADL has been an international leader in tracking, exposing, and responding to hate on the Internet, ADL closely monitors hate sites and the activities and beliefs promoted by extremists and terrorists. The League has prepared an extensive toolkit for addressing cyberhate and educational resources for parents. ADL convenes a working group on cyberhate bringing together experts, academics, NGOs, and Internet industry leaders to evaluate current practices and to develop new strategies for responding. As a result of that work, in September 2014 ADL released Best Practices for Challenging Cyberhate, which establishes guideposts for the industry and Internet community to help users understand what they can do when they encounter hate speech online.

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Recent Articles on Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety Resources

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Cyberhate Response Resources

Cyber-Safety Action Guide

ADL’s new Cyber-Safety Action Guide is a unique resource allowing Internet users to register concerns without having to face the daunting task of navigating a website’s maze of links.  This innovative online asset along with ADL’s other cyber safety resources (PDF)  are part of ADL’s arsenal for helping to fight hate and incivility online.

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Best Practices for Responding to Cyberhate

ADL's Best Practices for Responding to Cyberhate,  is a new initiative that establishes guideposts for the industry and the Internet community to help prevent the spread of online hate speech.

The Best Practices initiative is the outcome of months of discussions and deliberations by an industry Working Group on Cyberhate convened by ADL in an effort to develop a coordinated approach to the growing problem of online hate speech, including anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and other forms of online hate.

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New Bilingual Brochure

ADL's new English/Spanish guide to anti-cyberhate resources helps users find the most effective and informative resources for addressing online hate.

Nueva Inglés / Español guía de ADL a los recursos contra la Ciberodio ayuda a los usuarios a encontrar los recursos más eficaces e informativas para abordar el odio en línea.

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