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Rumor: Jews & Atheists Targeted in Video Game

An e-mail suggests that there is a computer video game being sold in stores in the U.S. in which Jews, Muslims and Atheists must be killed or converted. There is no truth to this rumor.

This e-mail rumor, which has been in circulation since 2006, often reappears during the December holiday season. The e-mail includes an article about the computer game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces," which was originally published on a parenting web site in October 2006. Shortly after the article first appeared, ADL obtained a copy of the game and conducted a comprehensive review of its various elements. The League found that claims regarding the game's requiring Jews and Muslims to be "converted or killed" were unfounded.

Although sporadically available online on various Web sites, the game "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" is no longer in production, and most retailers no longer stock the game in stores.

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