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White Supremacist Prison Gangs Inventory

White Supremacist Prison Gangs in the United States: A Preliminary Inventory

White supremacist prison gangs have been the fastest growing segment of the white supremacist movement in recent years - growing on the streets even more than behind bars.  Combining the criminal knowhow of organized crime with the bigotry of a hate group, they commit crimes ranging from running illegal drug rings to violent hate crimes.  A new ADL report provides, for the first time ever, a state-by-state inventory of these dangerous gangs.

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The ISIS Impact on the Domestic Islamic Extremist Threat: Homegrown Islamic extremism, 2009-2015

The rise of ISIS has resulted in a dramatic spike of U.S. residents linked to activity motivated by Islamic extremist ideology. This report provides in-depth analysis on the demograhics and activities of U.S. residents linked to terror between 2009 and 2015, noting the role of ISIS and providing valuable insights into future security challenges.

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With Hate in their Hearts: The State of White Supremacy in the United States

ADL's new report, With Hate in their Hearts, takes readers into the racist and anti-Semitic world of white supremacists, examining the current state of the white supremacist movement from its ideology and structure to the hate crimes and terrorist acts of its adherents.  In the aftermath of the brutal killing of nine African-American parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, allegedly by white supremacist Dylann Storm Roof, this report provides crucial information about white supremacy in the United States today.

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Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2015

A new ADL report reveals that 2015 was the worst year in two decades for domestic extremist-related killings.  At least 52 people were killed in the U.S. in 2015 by domestic extremists of various movements, the most since 1995, the year of the Oklahoma City bombing.  White supremacists, domestic Islamic extremists, anti-government extremists, and anti-abortion extremists were responsible for the deaths.

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