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ADL Backgrounder on Larry Darby

Larry Darby, who openly declared his white supremacist and anti-Semitic views, lost his bid to become the Democratic candidate for Alabama attorney general in the primary election held on June 6, 2006. According to reports, Darby received about 44 percent of the vote -- a disturbing turnout for a candidate who recently spoke at a meeting of a neo-Nazi group and denied that the Holocaust ever took place. In 2002, Darby ran for the same office as a Libertarian Party candidate but dropped out of the race before the election.

Who is Larry Darby?

Darby is the founder, general counsel and former president of the Atheist Law Center based in Montgomery, Alabama.

An anti-Semite and outspoken Holocaust denier, Darby claims that no more than 140,000 Jews died in Europe during World War II and that most of them died of typhus. He also asserts that the figure of 6 million Jews killed during World War II is part of the "Holocaust industry," and that there is no evidence of a mass extermination of Jews during that time.

Meetings with Holocaust Deniers and Racists

In July 2005 Darby organized a meeting where noted Holocaust denier David Irving was the keynote speaker. Regarding Irving, Darby stated in January 2006: "Irving's findings are counter to the government-sanctioned version of what is called the Holocaust. The Holocaust has evolved into a religious industry with sacred precepts that are examined only under the penalty of law. Free speech is anathema to the Holocaust industry."

On May 13, 2006, Darby attended a closed meeting of the New Jersey unit of the neo-Nazi National Vanguard, which claims him as a member. The group was formed in April 2005 after key activists were expelled from the National Alliance, once the largest neo-Nazi organization in the United States. The ousted members founded the National Vanguard, which then absorbed most of the units that were once part of the National Alliance, including the New Jersey one. The meeting was held at the Juvenile Order of United Automechanics Hall in Elmwood Park and was attended by more than 20 people, including National Vanguard leader Kevin Strom and Lamb and Lynx Gaede, teenage twins who form the white power singing duo Prussian Blue. According to a speech by Strom posted on the National Vanguard Web site, David Duke and Canadian white supremacist Paul Fromm were also at the meeting.

Just a few days later, on May 17, 2006, Darby was the guest on the Internet radio show of Hal Turner, a New-Jersey based white supremacist and anti-Semite. Turner and Darby discussed a number of issues where both gave vent to their extremist views.

After Turner made a comment that "United States foreign aid to Israel violates the First Amendment," Darby replied: "Well, ... it's a dual standard, just like dual citizenship, you know, the White man doesn't have a chance as long as the Zionists continue to occupy Washington DC."

Darby continued his theme of the "destruction" of the white race when the topic turned to the outsourcing of industry and factories. He remarked, "As the white people are being replaced by Mexicans and other peoples from other countries, we are losing our ability to be a nation. We are in a fast forward mode for becoming a large Third World country." When Turner made a comment denigrating diversity and multiculturalism, Darby replied, "We need to shut down the borders on immigration, unless we go back to policies of over 100 years ago when we favored northern Europeans."

On the show, Darby returned repeatedly to anti-Semitic themes. He declared, "When they call me anti-Semitic or Holocaust denier or whatever, I wear that now as badges of honor. That proves to people that I am immune to their propaganda. I'm past that. They can continue to say it, it won't affect me one bit and I hope that I demonstrate to people who are timid, who might want to run for office or might want to take a public stance...I hope that they see that it's not affecting me and it will encourage them to make a change. I think we're on the cusp of White folks waking up nationwide. We just need a few more folks getting out there and talking about it publicly."

In response to a caller to Turner's show asking Darby to clarify his position on religion and government, Darby said, "When people slow down and listen to my message, they realize I'm talking very seriously and I think White people need to start coming together and do what the Jews have done for 1,000 years...put race before religion and if White people were to do that, we can regroup and begin to not only survive, overcome the obstacles to our very survival, but begin to take back our very country."

Darby has also been active in a mainstream Internet discussion forum in which people of varying viewpoints debate church-state separation issues. In December 2005, Darby posted the following:

"A reason why the Traditional Enemies of Free Speech are quick to holler 'anti-semite' or 'holocaust denier' or 'anti-Jew' (terms of art for Zionists) is that they fear that when a truth-seeker begins looking into taboos of Judaism, World Jewry or its organizations, and their global endeavors, that their cover will be blown, so to speak. In my investigations of modern mythology, such as the Six Millions Lie, which by the way was first trotted out by Zionists during or immediately after World War One, there is a nasty aspect that is too often ignored – that of Jewish Supremacism."

He also stated, "hate-based words such as 'anti-semite' or 'anti-Jew' or 'anti-Israel'…are all terms of semantic terrorism used to silence criticism of Judaism, its adherents or World Jewry, and US foreign policy when the someone broaches the notion that Israel is a terrorist state." In the same message Darby links to the anti-Semitic sites Jewish Tribal Review and Judicial-biz, two highly anti-Semitic Web sites; Darby has denied the anti-Semitic content of the sites, which is further proof of his own anti-Semitism.

In December 2005, in an email, Darby also made admiring comments about the racist and anti-Semite David Duke:

"Dr. David Duke does offer insight into the neoconservative or Trotskyist government in Washington, DC. Some of what he has been saying for years is bearing out in the news today... And read what he really says for yourself, without relying on what Jewish Supremacists say about him."

His now defunct newspaper, Atheist Daily News, was touted in December 2005 as written for those "who want to stay abreast of current events dealing with our Zionist-Occupied Government and other current events regarding the global endeavors of traditional enemies of Free Speech."

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