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Archive: Domestic Extremism & Terrorism


Blog: Overland Park Shooting Suspect Has Long White Supremacist History

Article: Westboro Baptist Church: Legacy of Hate

Article: Council of Conservative Citizens: Bigotry as Politics

Article: Jared Taylor: Academic Racist

Article:  Traditionalist Youth Network


Article: Kevin MacDonald

Aticle: Tracking David Duke

Article: Racists in Europe and the United States Increase Cooperation

Blog: Matthew Heimbach's Extreme World View

Blog: Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party Expands Presence in U.S.

Article: Extremists Exploit Issue of Immigration Through Activism

Blog: Matthew Heimbach Embracing Hard-Core White Supremacy

Article: National Alliance: A Backgrounder

Blog: Neo-Nazi National Alliance No Longer Has Members

Blog: Ron Paul Glibly Ignores Anti-Semitism

Blog: Traditionalist Youth Network Plans "Koran Barbecue" on September 11

Blog: Georgia Police Chief Accepts Award From Racists At Anti-Immigrant Rally

Blog: Kinism: A White Supremacist Religious Movement Makes Gains

Report: Kinism: A Racist and Anti-Semitic Religious Movement

Blog: 100 Years Later, Anti-Semitism Around Leo Frank Case Abounds

Blog: Fringe Catholic Conference Features Anti-Semitic And Conspiracy-Oriented Speakers

Blog: Georgia Police Chief To Join Extremists At Anti-Immigration Protest

Blog: Founder Of White Student Union At Georgia State Has History of Espousing Extremist Views

Blog: David Duke Solicits Funds To Distribute New Anti-Semitic Book

Article: Uzbekistani National Faces Terrorism Charges In Idaho

Blog: Cigarette Smuggling Case Linked To Hamas

Blog: Boston Marathon Bombers Inspired By Anwar al-Awlaki

Article: Chicago Teen Arrested For Trying To Join Syrian Terrorist Group

Blog: Director of White Supremacist Organization Tied To Anti-Immigrant Groups

Blog: Inspire Magazine: A Staple of Domestic Terror

Feature: Social Media Profiles Shed Light on Brothers Accused in Boston Marathon Attack

Blog: Neo-Nazi Leader Arrested for Alleged Rape of 13-Year-Old Girl

Article: Former American Soldier Charged With Fighting In Syria

Feature: The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas:  Gang Violence and White Supremacy

Feature: Extremist Profile: Yonathan Melaku

Article: Oregon Man Indicted in Connection with 2009 Pakistan Bombing

Article: Californian Taliban-Supporter Charged in Bomb Plot

Blog: White Supremacist American Third Position Party Promoting Gun Appreciation Day

Blog: CNN Gives Platform to Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones

Blog: White Supremacists Plan Anti-Immigration Rallies Nationwide in February 2013


Blog: King Samir Shabazz: Bomb White Churches and Kill White Babies

Blog: Extremist-Related Police Killings Continue to Mount

Blog: Possible Extremist Connection to Louisiana Police Shootings

Blog: Neo-Nazi Leader Arrested for Alleged Rape of 13-Year-Old Girl

Blog: White Supremacists React to Sikh Temple Shootings

Report: The Sounds of Hate: The White Power Music Scene in the United States in 2012

Feature: Selected White Supremacist Criminal Incidents, 2009-2012

Blog: Girlfriend of Suspected Sikh Temple Shooter Arrested

Blog: ADL Connects Suspected Shooter at Wisconsin Sikh Temple to White Supremacist Skinhead Group

Blog: Nidal Hasan E-mail Correspondence with Al-Awlaki Released

Blog: New Black Panther Party Post-Summit Radio Broadcast Features Renewed Calls for Violent Confrontation

Feature: Anti-Abortion Violence: America's Forgotten Terrorism

Blog: Saudi Student Khalid Aldawsari Convicted in Texas Bomb Plot

Blog: Suspected Pipeline Bomber Has Anti-Government Extremist Ties, Admired Joseph Stack

Blog: David Duke Endorses Congressional Candidate Due to Shared Anti-Zionist Views

Blog: The Bloody Trail of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

Blog: Neo-Nazi Bill White Arrested in Mexico

Blog: Brutal Racist Skinhead Assault in Philadelphia Results in Victim's Blinding

Feature: Extremist Profile: Barry Walter Bujol, Jr.

Blog: Hizb ut-Tahrir Announces Third Khilafah Conference in Chicago

Blog: May Not So Merry for White Supremacists

Blog: Virginia White Supremacist Arrested on Weapons Charge

Article: New Focus on Black-on-White Crime

Blog: FBI Arrests Chicago-Area White Supremacist for Hate-Motivated Arson

Blog: New Black Panther Samir Shabazz's Latest Militant Rant

Blog: Alabama Jihadist Omar Hammami Resurfaces On-Line

Blog: Anarchist Arrests Mark NATO Summit

Blog: Violent Clashes at "Other" Chicago Summit

Blog: Radical English Defence League Emerges in U.S.

Blog: American Front Members Arrested on Hate Crimes, Conspiracy Charges

Blog: A Hater Until the End: The Last Messages of J. T. Ready

Feature: J. T. Ready: Neo-Nazi and Anti-Immigrant Extremist

Blog: Arizona White Supremacist and Border Vigilante J. T. Ready Identified as Perpetrator in Mass Shooting

Feature: White Supremacists Use Black-on-White Crime as Propaganda Tool

Blog: American Front Members Arrested on Hate Crimes, Conspiracy Charges

Blog: Five Apparent Anarchists Arrested in Plot to Bomb Cleveland Bridge

Blog: FBI Arrests Minnesota White Supremacists on Weapons, Drug Charges

Blog: LaRouche Supporters Employ Holocaust Comparison to Castigate President Obama

Blog: Georgia Passes Tougher Bogus Lien Law

Blog: American Nazi Party Seeks Attention with "Lobbyist" Publicity Stunt

Blog: Terry Jones Is Latest Extremist Threatening to Join Fray around Trayvon Martin Case

Blog: New Black Panthers Organizing "National Day of Action" in Florida

Blog: Members of Florida White Supremacist Biker Club Arrested

Blog: Hutaree Militia Verdict Shows Sedition Charges Risky

Blog: Alleged Cop-Killer May Be Anti-Government Extremist

Blog: Hashim Nzinga, New Black Panther Party Chief of Staff, Arrested on Weapons Charge

Blog: On-line Racism and Anti-Semitism in Aftermath of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Blog: New Black Panther Party Enflames Trayvon Martin Incident

Blog: White Supremacist Arrested for 2005 Arizona Murder

Blog: White Supremacist Jared Taylor Speaks to 700 Nationalists in France

Blog: Controversial Student Group Covers Campus with Racist Message

Blog: Glenn Spencer, Anti-Hispanic Bigot and Anti-Semite, Speaks to Arizona State Senate

Blog: White Supremacist Dennis Mahon Found Guilty in 2004 Bombing

Blog: Denver-area Shooting Latest in String of Extremist-Related Violent Confrontations with Police

Blog: Revolution Muslim Leader Yousef al-Khattab Anticipates Arrest

Blog: American White Supremacists Embrace South Africa...Sort of

Blog: Triple Murder Suspect Uses Sovereign Citizen Arguments in Court Hearing

Feature: Revolution Muslim's Web of Influence

Report: Al Shabaab's American Recruits

Blog: Panelists at CPAC Attack Multi-Culturalism

Blog: Younes Abdullah Muhammad Pleads Guilty to Threatening "South Park" Creators

Blog: Chicago Taxi Driver Admits Supporting Al Qaeda

Blog: Racists and Bigots to Descend on CPAC Conference in Washington, D.C.

Blog: Video Suggests Military Shooter Motivated by Extremist Ideology

Blog: Tampa Terrorism Suspect Broadcast Anti-Semitism On-Line

Blog: Amid New Black Panther Controversy, Dallas County Halts Appointment of Aaron McCarthy

Blog: American Anti-Muslim Organization Goes Global

Feature: Former U.S. Soldier Attempts to Join Al Shabaab

Article: Backgrounder: Arthur Jones


Blog: Hizb ut-Tahrir Targets Chicago

Report: Bigots on Bikes: The Growing Links between White Supremacists and Biker Gangs

Report: Post-9/11 Islamic Extremism in the U.S.

Report: Extremism in Florida: The Dark Side of the Sunshine State (3rd Edition)

Feature: The Seattle Terror Plot & The Online Messages of Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif

Article: Richard Poplawski Receives Death Sentence for Killing Three Officer

Article: Two Men Arrested in New York Terror Plot Targeting Jews

Article: White Supremacist Helps Student Group Raise Money

Article: Border Vigilante Activist Shawna Forde Receives Death Penalty for Two Murders

Article: Neo-Nazi Bill White Found Guilty of Using Internet to Encourage Violence Against Juror


Report: The Lawless Ones: The Resurgence of the Sovereign Citizen Movement

Article: 2010 American Renaissance Conference will feature racist speakers from U.S. and abroad

Article: Backgrounder: Bill Keller and LivePrayer

Article: Terror Charges Unsealed against 14 U.S. Residents Linked to Al Shabaab

Article: New Jersey Residents Arrested for Attempting to Join Somali-Based Terrorist Group

Article: Klan Leader Ron Edwards Arrested by FBI in Drug Bust

Article: Hutaree Militia Was a Fan of Anti-Government Band Poker Face

Article: John Patrick Bedell and the Lethal Lure of Conspiracy Theories

Article: Hal Turner Gets 33-Month Prison Sentence for Making Death Threats

Article: American Third Position: Academic racists take the rein from young

Article: Anti-Semitic and Racist Lawyer Edgar Steele Pleads Not Guilty in Murder Plot

Article: Eustace Mullins, Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theorist, Dies at Age 86

Article: Violent Voices: Anti-Government Extremism Takes on New Intensity

Article: Extremist Candidates Try to Get Elected in 2010


Article: Anti-Immigrant Leader Joe Turner Begins Job for San Bernadino County

Article: White Supremacists Promote ALIPAC and Take Action on its Behalf

Article: Jim Rizoli Promotes Holocaust Denial on Public Access TV

Article: Virginia Neo-Nazi Convicted on Threat Charges

Article: Neo-Nazi Tries to Reach Youth Through Music Downloads

Article: Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement Expanding California Activity

Article: Oath Keepers and Three Percenters Part of Growing Anti-Government Movement

Article: Oregon Racist Prison Gang Member Guilty of Murder

Article: Racist Gathering Planned for Late October in Maryland

Article: Texas White Supremacist Sentenced for Stabbing While on Parole for Murder

Article: Death Penalty Sought Against Border Vigilante Leaders for Alleged Murders

Article: Somali-American Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges in Minnesota

Article: Two Neo-Nazi Leaders to be Released from Prison Early

Article: Arkansas Klan Group Loses Legal Battle with North Carolina Newspaper

Article: White Supremacists Inject Anti-Semitic Vitriol into Sotomayor Nomination Debate

Feature: American Muslim Extremists: A Continuing Threat to Jews

Article: New Jersey White Supremacist Arrested

Article: White Supremacist Group Continues Anti-Immigrant Leafletting in Connecticut

Article: Nazi Low Rider Convicted in California

Article: Anti-Semites Exploit Anti-Government Sentiment

Article: Neo-Nazis Plan "Family Friendly" Events to Celebrate Hitler's Birthday

Article: League of American Patriots, Racist New Jersey-based Group

Article: Rense Web Site Promotes Anti-Semitic View

Article: Neo-Nazi Leader Encourages Followers to Apply to FBI

Article: White Supremacists Strategize Around Inauguration Day

Article: The Occidental Observer: Online Anti-Semitism's New Intellectual Voice

Article: Extremists Begin to Utilize Twitter to Broadcast Message

Article: Neo-Nazi Alternative Newspaper Reappears

Article: Racists Gather in Maryland to "Preserve" Western Civilization

Article: "Preserving Western Civilization" Conference Draws Racists and Anti-Immigrant Figures

Article: Border Vigilante Leader Charged with Arizona Murders

Article: Florida Sovereign Citizen Convicted of Immigration Crimes

Article: Anti-Government Extremists Arrested Following Nevada Raid

Article: New Hampshire Anti-Government Extremists Convicted

Article: Weapons Arsenal Found in Washinton Storage Units

Article: Southern Tax Protesters Jailed

Article: Pennsylvania Militia Member Sentenced for Selling Explosives

Article: Extremist Related Killings Down in 2008

Article: California Racist Skinhead Sentenced for Manslaughter

Article: California White Supremacist Charged with Murder

Article: Neo-Nazi Leader Encourages Followers to Apply to FBI

Article: White Supremacist Arrested for Virginia Synagogue Vandalism

Article: Buffalo White Supremacist Guilty of Burning Cross

Article: Self-Avowed White Supremacist Teens Admist to Killing Dog in New Jersey

Article: Racist Skinheads Sentenced for Hate Crime in California


Article: White Supremacist Derek Black Wants to Maintain Republican Seat

Article: Supreme White Alliance: An ADL Backgrounder

Article: California White Supremacist Pleads Guilty

Article: White Supremacists Guilty of Killing Homeless Man in Nevada

Article: Anti-Government Extremists Sentenced in Federal Court in Maine

Article: Following a Four-Month Absence, White Supremacist James Edwards and the Political Cesspool Return to the Airwaves

Article: Anti-Semitic and Racist Graffiti, Fliers, Banner Plague Luzerne County, Pennsylvania

Article: Hitler Birthday Events Feature Former SS Soldier; Protesters Arrested in DC Event

Article: Vigilante Minuteman Civil Defense Corps "Operation Sovereignty" Border Watch

Article: The Redneck Shop, Klan Store, and Neo-Nazi Meeting Hall, at Center of Dispute

Article: Secessionist, advocate of "biblical law," wins more than 225,000 votes in Texas Republican Primary

Article: American Renaissance Hosts White Supremacist Conference in Virginia

Article: Hal Turner Claims to Leave Movement After Accusations of Being an Informant

Article: Colorado Racist Prison Gang Leader Sentenced to 112 Years

Article: Possible White Supremacist Hate Crime Attack in Arizona

Article: Sovereign Citizens Involved in Immigration Fraud

Article: Tax Protester Sentenced in Pennsylvania

Article: Fugitive Brothers Captured in New Mexico

Article: Oregon Murder Attempt Linked to Racist Prison Gang

Article: California White Supremacists Sentenced for Hate Crime Assault

Article: Racist Skinhead Convicted of Conspiracy in Philadelphia

Article: Colorado White Supremacist Threatens Judge at Sentencing

Article: Police Seek Fugitive California Racist Skinhead

Article: Nazi Low Riders Arrested in California

Article: Anti-Semitic and Racist Graffiti, Fliers, Banner Plague Luzerne County, Pennsylvania


Article: Two Anti-Government Extremists Arrested in Florida

Article: U.S. Anti-Immigrant Groups Meet with Belgian Racists

Article: Former Neo-Nazi Leader is Convicted of a Hate Crime

Article: Anti-Semitic Reactions to Jimmy Carter's Book: White Supremacists

Article: David Lane, White Supremacist Terrorist and Ideologue, Dies in Prison

Article: Two California Aryan Brotherhood Members Sentenced to Life

Article: Massachusetts White Supremacists Charged with Murder of Homeless Men

Article: Two Anti-Government Extremists Arrested on Weapons Charges in Florida

Article: Aryan Brotherhood Member Sentenced in Illinois

Article: Colorado Racist Prison Gang Leader Sentenced to 108 Years

Article: Racist skinhead pleads guilty to murder of homeless men in Florida

Article: Wyoming Militia Man Convicted of Federal Firearms Charges

Article: Federal Government Blocks New York Tax Protest Group

Article: Tax Protest Group Barred From Tax Scheme

Article: Wisconsin Tax Protesters Found Guilty of Filing Bogus Liens

Article: Maryland Man Sentenced in Clinic Bomb Plot

Article: Arkansas Militiaman Convicted on Gun Charges

Article: Wyoming extremist charged with weapons violations

Article: Militia Leader Indicted on Weapons Charges in Alabama

Article: Alabama militia raid uncovers massive cache of munitions, 6 indicted

Article: Sovereign Citizen Convicted of "Paper Terrorism" in Oregon

Article: Former Aryan Nations Leader Arrested on Drug Charges in Arizona

Article: Former KKK Imperial Wizard Arrested for Statutory Rape in Maryland

Article: Utah White Supremacist Sentenced for Federal Hate Crimes

Article: Two White Supremacists Plead Guilty to Beating Death in Phoenix

Article: National Vanguard Members Arrested in Boston

Article: Oklahoma White Supremacist Charged in Murders


Article: ADL Backgrounder on Larry Darby

Article: Radical Animal Rights Group Convicted of Inciting Violence and Stalking

Article: Fatal Shooting at Seattle Jewish Federation

Article: Three Suspected Ecoterrorists Arrested in California Bomb Plot

Article: Seven Alleged "Homegrown Terrorists" Arrested in Apparent Plot

Article: Oregon White Supremacist Brothers Plead Guilty to Hate Crime

Article: Four Aryan Brotherhood Leaders Convicted in California

Article: San Diego Jury Recommends Death Sentence for Racist Skinhead

Article: Apparent Sovereign Citizen Takes Own Life Following Standoff

Article: Oklahoma White Supremacist Sentenced in Officer Slaying

Article: Tax Protester Charged with Conspiracy

Article: Aryan Brotherhood of Texas Members Face Murder Charges

Report: Extremism In America: Matt Hale

Article: California White Supremacist Sentenced for Beating Elderly Black Man

Article: Aryan Brotherhood Members Indicted in Texas

Article: Man Sentenced to 160 Years for Plot to Bomb Chicago Courthouse

Report: Extremists Declare 'Open Season' On Immigrants

Article: White Supremacists Sentenced in Louisiana Bank Robberty Conspiracy

Article: Massachusetts Gay Bar Attacker Kills Arkansas Officer, Dies Following Shootout

Article: California White Supremacist Arrested in Alleged Plot to Kill Officer

Article: Former Prison Guard Convicted of Aiding Nazi Low Riders

Article: New Jersey White Supremacists Sentenced on Gun Charges


Article: Texas Officer Fatally Shot By Alleged Aryan Brotherhood Member

Article: Hal Turner, White Supremacists Exploit Tensions in Kingston, NY

Article: Prussian Blue: Teen White Power Singing Duo

Article: Hal Turner and His Supporters Threaten Officials and Other Targets of Their Hate

Article: Father and Son Convicted on Bank Robbery, Murder Charges for Anti-Government Plot

Article: Racists Blame Jews, Seek to Help Whites Only in Hurricane's Aftermath

Article: Student Killer Expressed Appreciation of Hitler on Neo-Nazi Site

Article: Missouri White Supremacist Arrested for Assault and Kidnapping

Article: Armed Vigilante Activities in Arizona

Article: California White Supremacist Arrested for Assault

Article: Vigilantes Gather in Arizona

Article: Aryan Brotherhood Members Arrested in Northern Ohio

Article: Florida Extermist Executed in Alabama for Killing Police Officer

Article: White Supremacists Charged With Hate Crime in Illinois

Article: Texas Man Linked to Racist Skinhead Group Sentenced to 19 Years

Article: Michigan Militia Member Sentenced

Article: Anti-Government Extremist Convicted in Plot to Kill Federal Officials

Article: A Decade After Oklahoma City Bombing, Domestic Terrorism Threat Still Looms

Article: White Supremacist Sentenced to Life for Oregon Murder

Article: White Supremacist Stabs African-American Co-Worker in Missouri

Article: New Arrest in Washington White Supremacist Weapons Case

Article: Former Aryan Nations Leader Arrested in Seattle

Article: White Supremacist Found Guilty in Oklahoma Synagogue Attack

Article: White Supremacist Sentenced in Oklahoma Synagogue Attack

Report: Extremism In America: James "Bo" Gritz

Article: Pennsylvania Klan Leader Sentenced to 12 Years

Article: Arizona Neo-Nazi Guilty in Murder of Gay Man

Article: David Duke's European American Conference: Racists Gather in New Orleans

Article: New Jersey Skinhead Bomb Plot Uncovered

Article: Neo-Nazis Rally in Toledo Again

Article: Oregon Skinheads Arrested for Threatening African-Americans

Report: Extremism In America: Greater Ministries International

Report: Extremism In America: Edward Fields

Article: National Alliance Suffers Internal Upheaval


Article: Weapons Cache Seized from Extremist's Home

Article: Michigan Militia Members Charged in Weapons Case

Report: The Quiet Retooling of the Militia Movement

Article: Extremist Sentenced For Possessing Chemical Weapon

Article: White Supremacist Leader Guilty of Soliciting Murder

Article: Arizona Neo-Nazi Shot During Arrest Attempt

Article: Connecticut White Wolves

Article: White Supremacist Guilty of Brutal Las Vegas Stabbing Murder

Article: White Supremacist Sentenced In Nashville Synagogue Incident

Article: Leader of Anti-Government Sect Sentenced to 135 Years

Article: Arizona White Supremacist Receives 19 Year Sentence

Article: Militia Broadcaster in Pennsylvania Arrested on Gun Charges

Article: Matt Hale: Incitement posing as free speech, From the mouth of a hate-monger, words can kill

Article: National Guardsman Suspected of Trying to Aid Al Qaeda

Article:  Florida Man Enters Guilty Plea in Terrorist Bomb Plot

Article: White Supremacist Arrested in Oklahoma Synagogue Attack

Article: Neo-Nazi Arrested for Violent E-mail Threats

Article: Anti-Immigration Extremist Sentenced on Weapons Charge


Article: Arizona Inmate Sentenced for Soliciting Murder of Judge

Article: Anti-Government Extremist Convicted on "Paper Terrorism" Charges

Article: White Supremacist Group Fined $1,000 a Day

Article: Wisconsin White Supremacists Face Hate Crime Charges

Article: Radical Environmentalist Group Suspected in San Diego Arson

Feature: Backgrounder: Eric Robert Rudolph

Article: Anti-Immigration Extremist Arrested in Arizona

Article: Female Aryan Brotherhood Fugitive Arrested

Article: Anti-Immigration Extremist Arrested in Arizona


Article: Joerg Haider and Saddam Hussein: Not-so-strange Bedfellows

Article: Racist Group Ordered to Stop Using Name

Article: World Church of the Creator "moves to Wyoming

Article: Proported "Anti-Globalization" Website Fronts for Neo-Nazi Group

Article: White Supremacist Sentenced in Racial Bombing Plot

Article: Border Disputes - Armed Vigilantes in Arizona

Article: U.S. Anti-Semites Take Up Palestinian Cause

Article: White Supremacist David Duke Invited to Give Anti-Semitic Lectures in Bahrain

Report: Extremism In America: Erich Gliebe - "The Aryan Barbarian"

Article: Letter to Ambassador of Bahrain

Article: Bahrain rejects anti-Semite’s beliefs

Article: Nebraska Neo-Nazi's Web Address is Deceptive, UN Agency Rules

Article: Neo-Nazis Plan Meeting in Central Pennsylvania

Article: Racist Groups use Computer Gaming to Promote Hate

Article: Nebraska Neo-Nazi's Web Address is Deceptive, U.N. Agency Rules

Article: Purported "Anti-Globalization" Web Site Fronts for Neo-Nazi Group

Article: Consequences of Right-Wing Extremism on the Internet

Report: Extremism In America: Dan Gayman


Article: North Carolina Passes Bill Fighting "Paper Terrorism"

Article: FBI Arrests Ohio Leader of Aryan Nations

Article: Williams Brothers Get Lengthy Prison Terms For Sacramento Synagogue Arsons

Article: Chicago Catholic Schools Targeted with Hate Literature

Article: What is Hate?


Report: David Duke: In His Own Words

Report: Explosion of Hate: The Growing Danger of the National Alliance

Report: Hate Rock Online: New Tool for Racists and Anti-Semites

Article: The Winrod Legacy of Hate


Report: Nazi Low Riders: A Prison Gang Emerges in California


Article: Recurring Hate: Matt Hale and the World Chuch of the Creator

Article: Feminism Perverted: Extremist Women on the World Wide Web