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Archive: Hate Crimes Law Press Releases


ADL Outraged By E.U. Foreign Policy Chief's Remark Distorting Tragic Shooting At Jewish Day School In France 03/20/12

ADL Welcomes 'Measure Of Justice' In Tyler Clementi Verdict; Says Case Highlights Need For Education Against Cyberbullying 03/16/12

ADL Calls Queens Firebombing Attacks Targeting Mosque and Hindu Temple 'Shocking' and a Potential Hate Crime 01/03/12


ADL And Human Rights First: OSCE Governments Fail To Adequately Address Bias Crimes 11/17/11

ADL Calls Annual FBI Hate Crime Report 'Disturbing Snapshot'; 'Swift And Effective Response' To Hate Violence Needed 11/14/11

ADL Concerned About Recent Spate of Hate Crimes in the District 08/09/11

ADL Commends Law Enforcement in Tracking Down Florida Mosque Bombing Suspect 05/05/11

ADL Welcomes Guilty Verdict in Boulder Hate Crime, Applauds Boulder Law Enforcement 04/22/11

ADL Condemns Alleged Austin Hate Crime, Commends Investigation 04/21/11

At Turkish Conference on Bias Crime, ADL Offers Guidance to Counter Hate Violence 04/21/11

Alleged Bias Attack on Queens Teenager "Tragic and Deplorable" 03/15/11

ADL Applauds Ohio Officials for Successful Hate Crime Charge in Church Arson Case 03/10/11

ADL Welcomes Guilty Pleas in 2010 Hate Crime Against Sikh Cab Driver in West Sacramento 03/08/11

ADL Commends Law Enforcement After Third Guilty Plea in Modesto Hate Crime 02/02/11


ADL Concerned by Reported 14 Percent Increase in Hate Crimes in New York State 12/30/10

ADL Condemns Bias-Motivated Attack Against Muslim Woman 12/22/10

ADL Welcomes Arrests After Second Recent Attack on Jews in Brooklyn 12/08/10

ADL Welcomes Drop in FBI Hate Crime Numbers; Disappointed At Failure of Large Cities to Participate 11/22/10

ADL Welcomes First Indictments Under Federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act 11/15/10

ADL Commends Law Enforcement for Taking Swift Action in Mormon Church Arsons 11/01/10

ADL Hails Successful Federal Convictions in 2008 Hate Crime in Shenandoah, PA 10/15/10

ADL Condemns Violent Beating and Torture of Gay Man in Bronx 10/09/10

ADL: Attack On NYC Taxi Driver 'Especially Disturbing' In Current Anti-Muslim Atmosphere 08/26/10

ADL Calls For End To Bias Attacks In Staten Island; Offers Recommendations To Counter Hate Crimes 08/03/10

ADL Joins Community Forum Responding to Hate Crimes on Staten Island 07/14/10

ADL Applauds New Italian Initiative to Combat Hate Crimes 06/17/10

ADL Welcomes Guilty Verdict In Long Island Hate Crime Case 04/19/10

ADL Welcomes Sentencing In Washington, D.C. Hate Crime Case 04/12/10

ADL Welcomes Decision Upholding New York Hate Crimes Act 04/01/10

ADL Offers Recommendations to OSCE for Combating Internet Inspired Hate Crimes 03/22/10

ADL Condemns Rash of Church Burnings in East Texas 02/17/10


ADL Welcomes Federal Indictment In Shenandoah Hate Crime Case 12/15/09

ADL: FBI Hate Crime Numbers Disturbing; Calls For 'Coordinated Campaign' To Confront Hate Violence 11/23/09

ADL Condemns Brutal Killing Of Gay Teenager In Possible Hate Crime In Puerto Rico 11/18/09

OSCE Report On Hate Crime Reveals Broad Gaps In Response By Governments 11/16/09

ADL Urges New York's Highest Court to Uphold Hate Crimes Act 11/02/09

ADL Hails Long Overdue Enactment Of Federal Hate Crime Law As A "Monumental Achievement For America" 10/28/09

Senate Approval of Hate Crimes Bill a 'Landmark Achievement' 10/22/09

ADL Condemns Beating of Mexican Immigrant in Brooklyn 10/19/09

ADL Welcomes Arrests In Brutal Assault of Gay Man In Queens 10/15/09

ADL: Final House Approval of Hate Crime Bill a 'Monumental Victory' 10/08/09

ADL Offers Reward for Information on Edison Synagogue Vandalism 09/29/09

ADL Condemns Assault on Rosh Hashanah 09/23/09

ADL Praises Anne Arundel County Police Department in Arrest of Two Individuals Involved in Hate Crime 09/21/09

Beating Of Army Reserve Officer Demonstrates Need For Georgia Hate Crimes Law 09/16/09

ADL Praises Baltimore Police Department for Arrest of Three Involved in Hate Crime 08/21/09

ADL Applauds Senate's Passage of Hate Crime Legislation 07/21/09

ADL Welcomes Arrests In Staten Island Baseball Bat Assault 07/17/09

ADL Urges Congress to Enact Legislation to Address the 'Disturbing Prevalence' of Hate Crime in America 06/25/09

ADL Urges Justice Department to Prosecute Shenandoah Hate Crime 05/13/09

ADL Presents Recommendations to OSCE on Countering Hate Crime 05/05/09

ADL Hails House Approval Of Hate Crime Legislation 04/29/09

ADL Welcomes Decision Upholding New York Hate Crimes Act 03/27/09

ADL Welcomes New OSCE Guidelines For Hate Crime Legislation 03/23/09

ADL Condemns Vandalism at Saints Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church 01/29/09

ADL Responds to Suspicious Fire, Racist Graffiti at Home of Georgia Obama Supporter 01/20/09

ADL Welcomes Indictments In Staten Island Election Night Hate Spree 01/09/09


ADL Applauds Arrests of White Supremacists in Phoenix 12/11/08

ADL Condemns Beating of Ecuadorean Man In Brazen Attack In Brooklyn 12/09/08

ADL Condemns Murder Of Ecuadorean Man In Brazen Attack In Brooklyn 12/09/08

ADL Urges Court To Uphold New York Hate Crimes Act 12/08/08

Coalition of Civil Rights Groups Condemn Rash of Hate Crimes 11/24/08

Coalition of Civil Rights Groups Condemn Rash of Hate Crimes 11/24/08

ADL Condemns Murder Of Hispanic Man In Apparent L.I. Hate Crime 11/10/08

Hate Crime Stats Cited In FBI Report a "National Problem" 10/27/08

ADL Calls for Prosecution of Zapata Murder as Bias-Motivated Crime 07/31/08

ADL Decries Killing of Undocumented Immigrant in Shenandoah; Urges Town to Implement Changes 07/29/08

ADL Condemns Alleged Greeley Hate Crime 07/24/08

ADL Condemns 'Senseless, Brutal' Hate Crime in Marshfield, MA 06/17/08

ADL Condemns Alleged Boulder Hate Crime, Applauds Boulder Police 03/12/08

ADL Statement on Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in Los Angeles Region 02/27/08

ADL Decries Shooting of California Student in Apparent Bias Crime 02/14/08

ADL Commends Hightstown Police on Arrest Following Hate Crimes 02/08/08


"Long Overdue" Federal Hate Crimes Bill Languishes For Another Year 12/07/07

FBI Report Shows Hate Crimes Still a Major Problem; ADL Urges Approval of Legislation to Aid Law Enforcement 11/19/07

ADL Encourages Hate Crime Investigation of Assault on Colorado Jewish Man 10/12/07

ADL Welcomes Senate Approval of Hate Crimes Law 10/01/07

ADL Condemns University of Maryland Hate Crime 09/12/07

ADL Expresses Support for Hate Crime Investigation in West Virginia 09/12/07

ADL Offers Reward for Information Leading to Arrest in California Hate Crime 09/04/07

ADL Condemns Congressman Tancredo's Repeated Anti-Muslim Threats 08/03/07

ADL Expresses Support for Hate Crime Investigation in Colorado 07/11/07

ADL Condemns Anti-Brazilian Immigrant Hate Crime 05/09/07

ADL Condemns Anti-Moroccan Immigrant Hate Crime 05/08/07

ADL Statement in Response to Charges in Los Angeles Anti-Semitic Vandalism Case 05/08/07

ADL Decries Attempted Arson At Immigrant Center 05/07/07

ADL Hails House Approval Of Federal Hate Crimes Legislation 05/03/07

ADL Welcomes Senate Reintroduction Of Federal Hate Crimes Bill 04/12/07

ADL Condemns Alleged Pueblo Hate Crime 04/12/07

ADL Condemns Anti-Latino Hate Crime in South Boston 04/05/07

ADL Welcomes Congressional Reintroduction Of Federal Hate Crimes Bill 03/20/07

ADL Condemns Guilford College Hate Crime 01/25/07


Arizona Sheriff Responds To ADL's Call For A Thorough Investigation Into Vandalism Of Black Family's Home 11/29/06

ADL Urges OSCE Governments To Collect Hate Crime Data 11/10/06

ADL Condemns Hate Crime Against Pakistani Muslim In Brooklyn 11/02/06

FBI 2005 Hate Crime Statistics 'Clearly Incomplete'; Report 'A Setback' -- Improvements Needed in Reporting and Response 10/16/06

ADL Welcomes Arrests In Brooklyn Hate Crime 10/11/06

Beating and Assault of Hispanic Teen in Texas Displays Indicators of Hate Crime 04/27/06

ADL Decries Church Burnings in Alabama 02/03/06

ADL Expresses Horror and Outrage at Apparent Anti-Gay Hate Crime in New Bedford, MA 02/02/06

ADL Offers Reward in San Francisco Hate Crime 01/04/06


ADL Welcomes Release of FBI 2004 Hate Crime Statistics; Calls for Increased Efforts by Law Enforcement, Policymakers and Educators to Address Hate Crimes in America 10/17/05

ADL Welcomes House Vote In Support of Federal Hate Crimes Legislation 09/14/05

ADL Commends Ventura Law Enforcement On Swift Arrest Following Hate Crime 08/29/05

ADL Welcomes Expansion of Illinois Hate Crime Statute 06/27/05

Verdict In Texas Cross Burning Case "Sends A Clear Message" 06/03/05

ADL Hails Extension of Colorado's Hate Crimes Law to Cover Sexual Orientation and Disability 05/27/05

ADL Concerned About Santa Fe, TX Hate Crime 04/27/05

ADL Welcomes Rededication of Holocaust Museum 04/03/05

ADL Outraged at Vandalism of Catholic Church; Calls for Community to Speak Out In Solidarity 02/21/05

ADL Denounces Racist Attack Targeting Family in Newton, MA 02/18/05

ADL Applauds Arrest In Apparent Hate Crime Against Indian Postal Worker 02/18/05


ADL Calls for More Training, Outreach to Enhance National Hate Crimes Data Collection 12/06/04

ADL Praises FBI Report On Hate Crimes; Calls For Improved Local Reporting 11/22/04

ADL Calls for Renewed Efforts to Enact Legislation and Develop Programs to Address Hate Crimes in America 10/25/04

ADL Disappointed In GA Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down State Hate Crime Law 10/25/04

ADL Expresses 'Deep Disappointment' as Hate Crimes Measure Is Stripped From Defense Bill 10/11/04

ADL Welcomes House Vote In Support Of Federal Hate Crimes Legislation 09/28/04

ADL Condemns Spray Painting of Swastikas on Church 07/19/04

ADL Condemns Cross Burning In Howard County, Maryland 07/09/04

ADL Welcomes Senate Approval of Federal Hate Crimes Law 06/15/04

ADL Appalled by Desecration of James Byrd Jr.'s Grave Site 05/07/04


ADL Offers Reward In Indiana Holocaust Museum Arson 11/18/03

ADL Welcomes Decline in Hate Crimes Reported To FBI 10/27/03

ADL Outraged Over Mosque Arson in Savannah 08/26/03

California Proposition 54 Harmful for a Diverse California 08/07/03

ADL Condemns Hate Crime Against Hindu 06/25/03

ADL Offers Reward in Attack on Sikh 05/23/03

ADL Praises Renewed Congressional Effort to Expand Federal Investigative Authority on Hate Crimes 05/01/03


ADL: Bronx Verdict Demonstrates the Value of Hate Crimes Laws 12/12/02

ADL Calls for Expanded Education & Training To Address Significant Increase In Hate Crimes Reported To FBI 11/25/02

ADL Condemns Death of Newark, CA Teenager in Apparent Hate Crime 10/21/02

ADL Vows to Continue to Press for Hate Crimes Legislation After Bill Stalls in Senate 06/12/02

ADL Urges Justice Dept. to Pursue Charges in Crown Heights Murder 01/14/02

ADL Commends 25-Year Prison Sentence For Suspected White Supremacist Convicted Of Beating Mexican Day Laborers 01/09/02


ADL Calls New Justice Department Report on Hate Crimes 'A Valuable Look at Bias' 10/01/01

ADL Welcomes Senate Committee Approval of Federal Hate Crimes Legislation 07/26/01

ADL Commends Brooklyn D.A. For Successful Hate Crimes Prosecution 06/27/01

ADL Launches Comprehensive Initiative to Aid Law Enforcement in the Battle Against Extremists and Hate Groups; New Web Page and Training Programs Announced 06/18/01

ADL Praises Renewed Congressional Effort to Expand Hate Crimes Legislation 3/27/01

ADL Calls FBI Report "A Disturbing Snapshot of Hate in America "Urges Action to Close Federal Hate Crimes Gap 2/13/01

ADL Applauds Law Enforcement for Thwarting Columbine-Style Attack in Kansas 2/6/01


ADL Calls FBI Report "A Disturbing Snapshot of Hate in America", Urges Action to Close Federal Hate Crimes Gap 10/16/00

ADL Expresses "Deep Disappointment" as Hate Crimes Measure is Stripped from Defense Bill; League Vows to Fight for Passage before Congress Adjourns 10/5/00

ADL Welcomes House Vote in Support of Federal Hate Crimes Legislation 8/13/00

ADL Calls for House Action to Close Federal Hate Crime Gap 7/19/00

ADL Says Supreme Court Procedural Decision Does Not Affect Constitutionality of Hate Crime Laws 6/26/00

ADL Hails Approval of New York State Hate Crimes Legislation 6/23/00

ADL Hails Historic Senate Approval of Federal Hate Crime Measure 6/20/00

ADL Hails New York State Senate’s Passage of Hate Crimes Bill 6/7/00

ADL Commends State Duma for Exempting Hate Crimes from New Amnesty Law 5/31/00


ADL Confident Supreme Court will Validate Penalty Enhancement Approach to Hate Crimes Laws in New Jersey Case 11/29/99

ADL Welcomes Guilty Verdict Against Second Defendant in Matthew Shepard Case 11/3/99

ADL Condemns Hate Graffiti Targeting German Made Cars 8/23/99

ADL Expresses Horror and Outrage at Shooting Attacks at North Valley Jewish Community Center 8/10/99

ADL Calls for Congressional Action to Close Federal Hate Crime Gap 8/4/99

ADL Hails Senate Passage of the Hate Crimes Prevention Act 7/23/99

In Shooting Aftermath, ADL Calls for Full-Scale Federal Probe into Violent Hate Group World Church of the Creator 7/6/99

ADL Expresses Horror and Outrage at Shooting Attacks and Calls for Chicagoans to Rally Against Hate 7/3/99

ADL to Help Replace Burned Holocaust Library of Sacramento Synagogue Attacked by Arson 6/19/99

ADL Horrified by Arson Attacks on Three Synagogues in Sacramento Area 6/18/99

ADL Applauds Police Action to Thwart Attack on Denver Islamic Center: Links Suspect to Anti-Government Common Law Court Movement 5/12/99

Violence in Colorado Another Manifestation of Hate 4/21/99

ADL Tolerance Program Cited by President Clinton at White House Meeting on Hate Crime Initiatives 4/6/99

ADL Applauds Introduction of Federal Hate Crimes Law 3/11/99

ADL Welcomes President Clinton's Strong Resolve to Work for Passage of Federal Hate Crimes Law in Wake of Recent Murder in Alabama 3/5/99

ADL Says "Swift and True Justice" Meted Out in Guilty Verdict in Texas Racial Murder Case 2/23/99


Violent and Racist Gangs Thrive in U.S. Prisons Says ADL 12/8/98

ADL Calls 1997 FBI Hate Crime Figures "A Disturbing Measure of Hate in America" 11/23/98

ADL Applauds Decision by NYPD to Classify City Hall Anti-Semitic Incident as Bias Crime 10/29/98

ADL Calls Murder of Abortion Doctor an Act of Terrorism 10/26/98

Mourning Tragic Murder of Matthew Shepard ADL Calls for Nationwide Enactment of Hate Crimes Laws 10/14/98

ADL Calls for "Swift and Appropriate Action" Against Participants in Racist Float 9/11/98

ADL Calls For Action By The House Of Representatives To Close Federal Hate Crime Gap 7/22/98

ADL Calls For Congressional Action To Close Federal Hate Crime Gap 7/8/98

ADL Urges Justice Department To Investigate Presence Of Gangs In Prisons Following Racist Murder In Texas 6/15/98

ADL BACKGROUNDER: Hate Crime in Jasper, Texas 6/10/98

ADL Reacts To News That It Was A Target of Bombing Plot 3/7/98


ADL Participating in White House Conference on Hate Crimes Presents President with Blueprint For Action 11/10/97

ADL Presents President With Blueprint For Action In Advance Of White House Conference On Hate Crimes 11/4/97

Anti-semitism On College Campuses: Adl Documents Development On American Campuses And Provides Guidelines For Combating Hate 9/8/97

ADL Applauds President For "All-out Assault On Hate Crimes" 6/7/97

ADL Calls For Citadel Investigation Into Cadet Glorification Of Nazi Symbols 5/20/97

ADL calls on germany to take stronger action against brutal attack by soldiers on foreigners and to hastily address army's ultra-right wing faction 3/20/97

ADL Shocked By Apparent Arson Attack On Warsaw's Only Synagogue; Urges Government To Make Investigation A Priority 2/28/97

ADL Welcomes Verdict In Burmeister Trial 2/27/97

On Anniversary Of World Trade Center Bombing, ADL Calls For Action Against Chemical Terrorism 2/27/97

ADL Audit Shows Decline In Anti-semitic Incidents In 1996 While Anti-semitism And Hate Messages Grow On The Internet 2/26/97

ADL Applauds Jury's Decision in Crown Heights Trial 2/10/97


Growing Exploitation of the Internet by Anti-Semites and Racists and Violence Against Israelis Lead ADL List of Top Ten Stories Affecting Jews 12/19/96

ADL National Director Calls for Vigilance in Fight Against Bigotry; Delivers Major Address on Anti-Semitism, Racism and Extremism in America 11/19/96

Southern Black Ministers from Burned Churches Receive Check from ADL/National Urban League 'Rebuild the Churches Fund'; ADL Pays Tribute to Those Who Rallied for Victims and Focuses on Strengthening Race Relations 11/13/96

ADL Calls 1995 FBI Hate Crime Figures "Sobering and Disturbing" 11/04/96

'You are Not Alone,' Americans Say to Church Arson Victims in New Book of Letters in Response to ADL/Urban League Ads 9/20/96

ADL/Urban League Present $100,000 to Head of National Bank Churches to Distribute to Arson Victims 7/17/96

ADL Calls On Democrats And Republicans To Give High Priority To Civil Rights Concerns At Respective Conventions 7/12/96

ADL Presents 'Action Agenda' to Confront Church Arsons to the Senate Judiciary Committee 6/27/96

ADL Lauds Senate Action on Church Arsons Bill 6/26/96

ADL Submits Recommendations on Hate Groups in the Military to House Committee 6/25/96

ADL Presents 'Action Agenda' to Confront Church Arsons to the Congressional Black Caucus 6/20/96

Backgrounder on Hate Groups and Black Church Arsons -- State by State 6/20/96

ADL Sets Up Fund To Rebuild Black Churches Destroyed By Arson 6/13/96

ADL Acts in Response to Black Church Arsons: Commends President's Initiative on Fires that 'Burn at the Fabric of This Country' 6/11/96

ADL Calls Army Report On Extremism "Step In The Right Direction" 3/21/96

ADL Calls for Permanent Mandate for FBI Hate Crime Data Collection 3/19/96

ADL Commends Defense Department's Action on Extremist Activity in the Military 2/12/96


Links Between Neo-Nazi Group and Army Murder Suspects? ADL Offers Information, Urges Active Investigation 12/13/95

FACT SHEET: Hate Group Activity and the Military 12/12/95

ADL Concerned About Hate Group Acitivity in the Military Calls on Defense Department to Immediately Address Situation 12/12/95

ADL Urges Department of Justice to Undertake Investigation Into Racially and Religiously Motiviated Assault in Harlem 12/20/95

ADL Concerned About Incomplete 1994 FBI Hate Crime Figures 11/14/95

Fargo Couple Honored by ADL for Rallying Community Against Hate 11/04/95

Task Force on Violent Hate Groups Need Now, ADL Tells Reno 6/08/95