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Anti-Semitism in the Hamas Charter: Selected Excerpts

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The Leon and Marilyn Klinghoffer Foundation of the Anti-Defamation League


Long Island High School Student Arrested En Route To Join AQAP (7/3/13)

American and International Militants Drawn to Syria (6/18/13)

Uzbekistani National Faces Terrorism Charges In Idaho (5/21/13)

Chicago Teen Arrested For Trying To Join Syrian Terrorist Group (4/26/13)

Social Media Profiles Shed Light on Brothers Accused in Boston Marathon Attack (4/19/13)

Former American Soldier Charged With Fighting In Syria (4/5/13)

Oregon Man Indicted in Connection with 2009 Pakistan Bombing (3/8/13)

Californian Taliban-Supporter Charged in Bomb Plot (2/19/13)


Tweeting for Terror (12/14/12)

Four Southern California Men Charged with Conspiring to Join the Taliban and Al Qaeda (12/12/12)

Pakistani-American Brothers Charged with Terrorism (12/12/12)

Bangladeshi Student Arrested in Plot to Bomb Federal Reserve Building in New York (10/18/12)

AQAP Releases Very Different Issues of Inspire (5/11/12)

Extraditions from Europe to Go Ahead (4/23/12)

Philadelphia Man Charged with Funding Islamic Jihad Union (3/19/12)

Authorities Thwart Attempted Suicide Bombing at the Capitol (2/22/12)

Colorado Man Charged with Attempting to Join Islamic Jihad Union (1/24/12)

Former Soldier Attempts to Join Al Shabaab (1/12/12)

Tampa Man Charged with Plotting Attacks (1/11/12)

AQAP Releases "New" Posthumous al-Awlaki Video (1/9/12)


Al Shabaab Launches Apparent Twitter Campaign (12/20/11)

Al Qaeda Inspired New York Resident Arrested on Terrorism Charges (11/21/11)

Al Shabaab Claims Another American Suicide Bomber (11/03/11)

U.S. Thwarts Iran-Linked Attacks (10/11/11)

Inspire Seven Released Days Before Deaths of Awlaki and Khan (9/29/11)

Virginian Charged with Propagating Violent Jihad (9/7/11)

Post-9/11 Islamic Extremism in the U.S. (8/26/11)

AQAP Releases Sixth Issue of Inspire Magazine (7/19/11)

Pennsylvania Man Charged with Inciting Terrorism (7/19/11)

The AMIA/DAIA Bombing: Terror in Argentina (7/18/11)

The Seattle Terror Plot & The Online Messages of Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif (6/30/11)

Man Arrested in Ohio on Terror Charges (6/16/11)

Two Men Arrested in New York Terror Plot Targeting Jews (5/12/11)

AQAP Releases Fifth Issue of Inspire Magazine (3/30/11)

Al Qaeda's Inspire Magazine Publishes New Calls for Attacks in the U.S. (1/18/11)


Al Qaeda English Magazine Calls for Explosive Packages to be Sent on U.S.-Bound Aircraft (11/22/10)

Al Qaeda English Magazine Calls for Terror Attacks in the U.S. (10/13/10)

Terror Charges Unsealed against 14 U.S. Residents Linked to Al Shabaab (8/10/10)

Al Qaeda Releases First-Ever English Terror Magazine (7/15/10)

New Jersey Residents Arrested for Attempting to Join Somali-Based Terrorist Group (6/7/10)


Somali-American Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges in Minnesota (8/18/09)

Two Somali American Terror Suspects Indicted in Minneapolis (7/20/09)

American Muslim Extremists: A Continuing Threat to Jews (6/9/09)


Seven Alleged “Homegrown Terrorists” Arrested in Apparent Plot (6/23/06)