Table Talk: Family Conversations About Current Events

About Table Talk

Family Sitting Around Table at Mealtime

Parents and family members often want to discuss current events and the news of the day. It's a great opportunity to engage children in rich conversation, impart important values and encourage lifelong interest in the news and the world around them. These talks can happen on the way to school, during a walk or over a meal together. Family dinner is a key time to have these discussions. Research shows that dinnertime conversation benefits the health, emotional and academic outcomes for children of all ages.

Table Talk: Family Conversations About Current Events provides parents and family members with the tools they need to engage their families in conversations about important news stories and other timely discussions about societal and world events. Each guide includes a topic summary, questions to start the conversation and dig deeper, ideas for taking action and additional resources.

Latest TABLE TALK Topics

What is the 'Muslim Ban?'
Discuss the recent executive order signed by President Trump

What is Fake News?
Discuss what fake news is, how to spot it and what you can do about it.

Nice, France and Our Response to Terrorist Attacks
Discuss the latest terrorist attack and how sometimes people respond by scapegoating certain groups.

Responding to Cyberhate
Discuss online hate speech and different strategies for responding.

Bias in the Presidential Election
Discuss the biased rhetoric in the current presidential election campaign.

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Additional Table Talk Topics

Propaganda, Extremism and Online Recruitment Tactics
Discuss propaganda and how it is used as an online recruitment strategy for extremist groups.

Movies and the Diversity Gap
Discuss the diversity gap in movies and the Academy Awards and the role of implicit bias.

Dolls and Diversity
Discuss the recent new diverse representations of dolls.

Islamophobia and Being an Ally
Discuss the recent anti-Muslim incidents, how they connect to stereotypes about Muslim people and strategies for being an ally.

Gun Violence and Mass Shootings
Discuss the prevalance of gun violence and mass shootings and the general public's point of view about gun laws and gun rights.

School Discipline and the School-to-Prison Pipeline
Discuss disparities in school discipline policies and practices.

Refugees, Reactions and World Response
Discuss the Refugee Crisis in Europe and how the world has responded.

Kids Can Make a Difference
Discuss how two fourth graders wrote an article that changed their school lunch policy.

Sports, Mascots and Bias
Discuss the Washington Redskins' name controversy and what should be done.

Teenagers and Technology
Discuss the pros and cons of teenagers' use of technology.

Caitlyn Jenner and Being Transgender
Discuss Caitlyn Jenner's coming out and what it means to be transgender.

What's Fair and Unfair About Student Dress Codes?
Discuss school dress codes and the fairness of them.

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