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Anti-Semitism in School

Taking Action Against Anti-Semitism

Although some see anti-Semitism as a thing of the past, the hatred and intolerance of anti-Semitism remain powerful and significant realities today. Anti-Semitic graffiti appears with regularity on the walls of buildings in our communities and on the desks in classrooms in our schools. Anti-Semitism remains a serious concern, as evidenced by the persistent scapegoating of the Jewish community in response to a variety of national events and crises, the increase of anti-Israel activity on campus with a corresponding targeting of Jewish students, and threats against Jews around the world by groups that challenge Israel’s right to exist.

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Lesson Plans for Educators

Community Programs

Words to Action Community is an interactive education program for middle and high school youth and adult family members designed to empower and equip the Jewish community with constructive and effective responses to anti-Semitic incidents and the persistent anti-Semitic stereotypes that are often at the root of such incidents.

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Campus Programs

Words to Action Campus is an interactive education program for college and pre-college students designed to empower and equip them with constructive and effective responses to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias on campus.

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Think Anti-Semitism is No Longer a Problem?

What will you do if…

  • Your middle school daughter tells you that kids were telling Holocaust jokes at school.
  • You invite some neighbors over for a barbeque and someone makes an anti-Semitic comment about Israel.
  • Your sixth grader asks you why some friends threw pennies at him when he walked into school that morning.

Contact an ADL office in your area to learn more about how to equip your child and yourself to respond to these and other modern-day manifestations of anti-Semitism.