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10 Ways to Go Back to School with Anti-Bias Education

It’s “back to school” time of year and along with that is the opportunity for innovative ideas, new teaching approaches and fresh beginnings. As you begin the school year, consider what reading, curricula, and other resources you need in order to make your classroom and school a respectful and inclusive learning environment. Below are ten ways to take advantage of new resources and brush up on your anti-bias education practices.

  1. Teach about current events. Consider our latest Current Events Classroom lesson on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act as well as other relevant and timely lessons.
  2. Schedule Anti-Bias Workshops and Programs, including: A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute training for educators, our Peer Training Program or interact assembly programs for middle and high school students or family workshops bullying and cyberbullying.
  3. Visit our Early Childhood Question Corner to explore the roots of prejudice, how to address bullying among young children, how to initiate discussions about differences, how to ensure inclusive language and many more topics.
  4. Read our Book of the Month to explore  bias, bullying and social justice your students and find other excellent books on Books Matter
  5. Reflect on your classroom environment with our educator resources including "Creating an Anti-Bias Learning Environment," ”Considerations for Inclusive Holidays and Observances,” “Guidelines for Achieving Bias-Free Communication,” “Do’s and Don’ts with Special Diversity Events” and more.   
  6. Learn about our Words to Action Program, which helps to empower Jewish students to confront anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias on college campuses.
  7. Plan a lesson or an in-depth curriculum unit on Equal Access, Equal Treament, Marriage Equality, Cyberbullying, Ferguson and other topics using our K-12 Lesson Plans.
  8. Talk with your students about taking a stand to stop name-calling and bullying and internet safety strategies.
  9. Read Rosalind Wiseman's latest essay about how teachers should address bullying in Do No Harm: How To Intervene Without Making It Worse and other Rosalind's Classroom Conversations
  10. Learn about all of ADL’s education programs and resources including Anti-Bias Education, Bullying/Cyberbullying, Campus Affairs, Confronting Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Education and No Place for Hate®.
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