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Outreach to the Latino Community Across the Country

ADL Detroit Realizó "Baile Contra el Odio"

La Liga Antidifamación (ADL) de la región de Michigan realizó su primer evento anual “Baile Contra el Odio.” Fue un evento comunitario diseñado para reunir a personas de diversas culturas para rechazar la intolerancia y celebrar la diversidad a través de la danza.

Mira el video del evento acá.

ADL's Latino Outreach Nationwide

Fulfilling The Promise of Brown: School Discipline, Education Equity and the Achievement Gap

On the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education ruling ADL developed a lesson plan for students to learn more about this landmark Supreme Court decision. Two infographics were also created in order to analyze and reflect on the modern day “school to prison pipeline” and the opportunity gap that both exist in our public schools.

Moreover, a free ADL webinar, part of the Anti-Bias Summer School Series, was given on this important topic. More information below:

Is your school disciplinary system equitable? Review the legal aspects of Federal guidance on school discipline and learn how to implement educational best practices for addressing bias related issues in schools.

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