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Outreach to the Latino Community Across the Country

ADL Presents to More Than 150 Mexican Consuls

More than 150 Consuls from all the Mexican Consulates around the country and Canada came together with representatives from the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and officials from the Mexican Embassy to the United States and participated in three ADL workshops about hate crimes, bullying-cyberbullying extremist groups, the anti-immigrant movement and ADL's anti-bias education work. The workshops included a special presentation on the FBI Civil Rights Program and were held in Houston, Kansas City and Los Angeles. This initiative was coordinated with the Mexican Embassy to the United States.

ADL's Latino Outreach Nationwide

Tools to Respond to Cyberhate / Herramientas para responder al odio cibernetico

Developed in English and now available in Spanish: ADL's Best Practices For Responding to Cyberhate and the Cyber Safety Action Guide  help Spanish-speaking Internet users report online hate.

The Guía de Seguridad Cibernética is the first ever online tool where Spanish-speaking consumers can learn how and where to report bigoted or hateful speech to the major Internet providers and social media sites. This ADL resource provides quick links to so you can bring cyberhate to the attention of those who can do something about it.

The Mejores Prácticas para Responder al Ciber-Odio, developed with Internet companies, members of civil society groups, the legal community and the academia, provides useful and important guidelines for responding to cyberhate, from user friendly mechanisms for reporting hateful content to develop effective counter-speech against hate.

Together we can—and must—begin tackling the enormous challenge of cyberhate. 

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