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Hidden Children Foundation

Who Are the Hidden Children?

We are the youngest survivors of the Holocaust. We eluded the Nazi's plan for the annihilation of all Jewish children by hiding in convents and orphanages, in haylofts and attics, in cellars and sewers, on farms and in woods, in villages and cities far from our homes.

We hid out of sight, and we lived openly under false names. We  had to fend for ourselves. We narrowly escaped the raids, denunciations and betrayals that destined many hidden children to die in concentration camps. We are the "lucky" ones- the last survivors to bear witness to the Holocaust.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate all people about the consequences of bigotry and hatred so that never again will anyone suffer the atrocity, the injustice and the agony of the Holocaust .

What We Do

  • We are in close contact with out worldwide membership, over 6,000, to convey current Holocaust related issues.
  • We liaise between the U.S. and international hidden child/child survivor groups.
  • We provide cultural and social programs for our New York metropolitan area membership.
  • We honor our rescuers, the Righteous Among the Nations on International Rescuers'Day.
  • We publish The Hidden Child, an international newsletter, sent to members, Holocaust centers and college and university libraries.
  • We advocate for all members, including 2nd and 3rd Generations, who are in need of financial, psychological or social assistance.
  • We provide a Speakers' Bureau for all audiences.
  • Our International Family Tracing Service has produced many successful outcomes. 
  • We are a source of information for writers, filmmakers, journalists and researcher

Contact Us

Please e-mail us or call us at 212-885-7900.

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