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Lesson Plans

About Lesson Plans

Our K-12 curricula provide an understanding of diverse perspectives, strengthen critical thinking skills, challenge the development of emerging biases and build skills and motivation to take action against injustice. Current Events Classroom lessons are timely and relevant lesson plans that assist educators in teaching about news topics and other issues of the day. Curriculum Connections are multi-grade curriculum units that challenge students to think critically about past and current issues. All of our curricula are interactive, Common Core aligned and inspire students to take action in support of social justice.

Featured Lesson Plan

Our featured lesson assists teachers in bringing relevant topics and current events to their classrooms, helping students to analyze the issue through an anti-bias, diversity and social justice lens.

Current Events Classroom

Fake News and What We Can Do about It

Topic: Social Justice

Grade Level: High School

This lesson provides an opportunity for students to learn what fake news is, differentiate it from other types of news, develop strategies for spotting fake news and consider what can be done about the proliferation of fake news.

Current Events Classroom

Let's Talk about the Presidential Election

Topic: Social Justice

Grade Level: Middle School, High School

This lesson provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their thoughts and feelings as well as those of their classmates, learn more about the campaign and election, consider the candidates’ final speeches and express their thoughts in a letter they write to the President-elect.

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