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Learn Best Practices for Managing Bias and Bullying in the Classroom

Making Diversity Count® is an online professional development course for educators. The self-paced course takes teachers into the real world of the classroom. Through videos of “real-life” classroom scenarios, participants witness acts of bias and practice anti-bias and bullying skills. They hear diversity theory from experts, interact with others taking the course and receive lesson plans for use in their own classrooms.

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Create a Safe Learning Environment

Learn how to create an inclusive classroom that promotes respect, fairness and equity. The comprehensive content in Making Diversity Count is important training for every middle and high school educator. Through multiple course tools, both new and experienced educators learn practical skills for teaching in culturally diverse environments.

Course participants receive many tangible benefits and certifications including a certificate for 15 professional development hours and classroom lesson plans.

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Teachers Surveyed Applaud Online Course

More than 90% of educators reported gains in their ability and confidence to communicate across different cultures, recognize prejudice in themselves and others and confront bias in the classroom. Over 75% of educators who participated in the course evaluation said they applied course related knowledge in their interactions with students.

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