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Anti-Bias Education


Programs for the Workplace

ADL’s A WORKPLACE OF DIFFERENCE® anti-bias and diversity training program helps create an inclusive workplace environment that allows all employees to acquire skills critical to the future of an organization’s success.

A WORKPLACE OF DIFFERENCE® is designed by experienced human relations specialists for corporations, small businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and professional groups who face the challenges of satisfying a changing customer base while managing a diverse workforce.

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Serving the Workplace, Campus and Other Communities

Creating and Managing a Diverse Workplace

An inclusive organization makes diversity an integral part of core business goals and values. It links effective management practices that promote and leverage diversity into a comprehensive business strategy. Fundamental to the success and growth of an organization’s business strategy is training and education.

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Focusing on Diversity in the Workplace

Focusing on diversity and looking for practices to create an inclusive organization—one that makes absolute use of the contributions of all employees—will generate increased productivity. As such, diversity training is a critical component of the present and future success and growth of an organization's business strategy.

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