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Israel & International

Jewish Star and Swastika

The Anti-Israel Movement Exploits the Holocaust

Anti-Israel rallies, events and literature often feature hateful comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany aimed at casting Israel as a brutal state bent on exterminating the Palestinian people.

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Nuclear Missile

Xinhua/Irna News Agency/Mohammadreza Alimadadi

Q&A on the Iranian Nuclear Threat:
Why It Matters

ADL experts provide facts on what the recently signed Geneva agreement calls for from both sides, why Iran's nuclear weapons program is a threat to America and American interests, the evidence that the program exists, and more.

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From Texas to Jerusalem

Once she only knew Israel from the Bible. Today, the Latino community leader marvels at the complexity and diversity of contemporary Israel.

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Demonizing Israel in the U.S.

ADL identifies the top 10 anti-Israel groups in the United States. These groups play a critical role advancing a hostile anti-Israel narrative.

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Learn How to Support Israel

ADL's Israel: A Guide for Activists provides quick facts about Israel's history, responses to common inaccuracies about Israel and strategies for getting the facts to elected officials and the media.

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ADL Resolution Condemns Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

ADL's National Executive Committee unanimously approved a resolution condemning "in the strongest terms" Russia's oppressive law against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

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