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Archive: Anti-Israel Reports, Profiles and Articles

Report: Anti-Israel Groups Shamefully Silent After Murder Of Three Israeli Teens

Profile: Gilad Atzmon

Profile: Josh Ruebner

Profile: Ben White

Profile: Alison Weir

Profile: Charles Barron

Profile: Cynthia McKinney

Profile: Mohammad al-Asi

Profile: Osama Siblani

Report: Anti-Semitism at UC Irvine

Report: Emerging Anti-Israel Trends and Tactics on Campus (2010-2011 Year in Review)

Report: Free Gaza Movement

Report: Friends of Sabeel-North America

Report: Jewish Voice for Peace

Report: Students for Justice in Palestine

Letters, Articles and Blog Posts By Date:


Blog: Norman Finkelstein Throws Wrench In Anti-Israel Movement’s Claim To A Rights-Based Agenda (June 21)

Blog: Anti-Israel Groups Organize Youth Summer Camps (June 19)

Book Review: Alice Walker's "The Cushion in the Road" (June 18)

Blog: Alison Weir Laments On “Jewish Power” To Anti-Semitic Newspaper (May 3)

Blog: Advocate For Palestinian Prisoners On U.S. Tour (May 2)

Letter: ADL Urges Association for Asian American Studies to Reconsider Academic Boycott Resolution (April 26)

Blog: Anti-Israel Organizations Attack Israel with Tax Day-Themed Campaigns (April 15)

Blog: ADL Releases Report On American Muslims for Palestine (March 29)

Blog: “So What Are You DOING About it?”… How ADL Counters Anti-Israel Activity on College Campuses (March 15)

Blog: Universities In Michigan To Host Sabeel’s Naim Ateek (March 14)

Blog: Anti-Israel Activity Reached Fever Pitch This Week (March 13)

Blog: University Sponsorship Of Anti-Israel Programs On The Rise (February 27)

Blog: Free Speech Is A One-Way Street For The BDS Movement (February 7)


Blog: Cornell SJP Publication Features Terrorist Logo and Describes Israel as “White Supremacist State” (December 28)

Blog: New Anti-Israel Ad Hits The New York Times (December 12)

Blog: ADL Report on Campus Anti-Israel Activity in 2011-12 (November 26)

Blog: “Netanyahu, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide!”: A Round-Up of Anti-Israel Protests in the U.S. on November 20 (November 21)

Blog: “End the Nazi Occupation in Gaza”: A Round-Up Of U.S. Anti-Israel Protests On November 19 (November 20)

Blog: The Anti-Israel Movement Then and Now: What has Changed Since Operation Cast Lead? (November 20)

Blog: “Israel should be Ended Once and For All,” “Crucify Him, Crucify Them…Israel’s Policy:” A Round-Up of Anti-Israel Protests in the U.S., November 17–18 (November 19)

Blog: Demonstrators at Anti-Israel Rallies: “Gaza is the Real Holocaust,” “Long live the Intifada!” (November 16)

Blog: Anti-Semitism and Legitimization of Terror Abound in Reaction to Israeli Operations in Gaza (November 16)

Blog: Non-Binding Student Divestment Resolution Passes at UC Irvine (November 14)

Blog: Member Of Islamic Jihad To Address Students At American University (October 26)

Blog: Free Gaza Founder Embraced by Jewish Groups Despite Recent Anti-Semitic Tweet (October 5)

Blog: Anti-Israel “Tribunal on Palestine” to Take Place at Cooper Union this Weekend (October 5)

Blog: Anti-Israel Teach-in Held During Occupy Wall Street “Free University Week” (September 24)

Blog: Chapel Hill is Latest Town to Be Hit with Anti-Israel Advertisements (August 31)

Blog: “Free Palestine! End ZioNazi Apartheid!”: A Snapshot of Al Quds Day 2012 (August 21)

Blog: Latest Divestment Effort Results in Yet Another Failure for BDS Movement (July 27)

Blog: New Biased Billboard Campaign in Westchester (July 11)

Blog: Jewish Voice for Peace Lobbying Hard for Church Divestment (July 5)

Blog: Anti-Israel Billboard Campaign Hits Los Angeles (June 15)

Blog: Press TV Airs Anti-Semitic Interviews to Mark U.S.S. Liberty Anniversary (June 12)

Blog: Anti-Israel Group Increases Outreach to High School Students (June 7)

Blog: Troubling BDS News on Campus? (June 6)

Blog: US Campaign Holds Strategy Call to Discuss Anti-Israel Initiatives (June 5)

Blog: University of Texas Rightly Refuses to Give in to Anti-Israel Boycott Effort (May 31)

Blog: California Arabic Newspaper Says Israel Abuses Memory of Holocaust (May 11)

Blog: BDS Movement Gains Support of Activist Chicano Student Group (April 27)

Blog: Divestment Effort at the Methodist General Conference in Tampa (April 26)

Blog: Norman Finkelstein to Speak at KinderUSA Fundraiser in Long Beach (April 26)

Blog: Does Jimmy Carter Endorse BDS? (April 26)

Blog: The Persistency of “Pinkwashing” Allegations at Columbia University (April 12)

Blog: FAU Students Latest Target of Anti-Israel Mock Eviction Tactic (April 5)

Blog: Jewish Voice for Peace Promotes Anti-Israel Hagaddah (April 5)

Blog: Israeli Knesset Members Shouted Down by Brandeis Students (March 29)

Blog: Anti-Israel Billboards Surface in Denver and Detroit (March 14)

Blog: Upcoming Conferences to Promote Anti-Israel Initiatives (March 7)

Blog: A Round-Up of Israeli Apartheid Week Events (March 5)

Blog: “Occupy AIPAC” Conference Seeks to Lambast Pro-Israel Lobby and Cast Antiwar Agenda as the “99%” (March 2)

Blog: Attempts to Silence Pro-Israel Voices on Campus Continue (March 1)

Blog: Mock “Apartheid” Wall Kicks off Palestine Awareness Week at UCLA (February 29)

Blog: Profile on Stephen Walt, Speaker at Upcoming “One State” Conference (February 28)

Blog: Gilad Atzmon on U.S. Tour (February 28)

Blog: Israeli Apartheid Week Slanders Israel with “Pinkwashing” Falsehoods (February 23)

Blog: Gilad Atzmon Scheduled to Speak at Israeli Apartheid Week in Colorado (February 22)

Blog: American Muslims for Palestine Takes Aim at High Schools (February 21)

Blog: Anti-Semite Gilad Atzmon to Speak at “Global March to Jerusalem” Benefit in Oakland (February 14)

Blog: One-State “Solution” Conference to be Held at Harvard in March (February 10)

Blog: Anti-Israel Hostility Pervades Penn BDS Conference (February 10)

Blog: The Penn BDS Conference Opens Tonight (February 3)

Blog: Two Days to the Penn BDS Conference (February 2)

Blog: Three Days to the Penn BDS Conference (February 1)

Blog: Four Days to the Penn BDS Conference (January 1)

Blog: Five Days to the Penn BDS Conference (January 30)

Blog: Anti-Israel Activism Hits Brooklyn High School (January 18)

Blog: BDS Movement Gears Up for University of Pennsylvania Conference (January 5)


Article: AMP Seeks to Coordinate Student Anti-Israel Activity

Article: National Speaking Tour Calls for "Never Again" Label to Include Palestinians


Film Review:Occupation 101: Delegitimizing Israel Through Film


Book Review: Mearsheimer and Walt's Anti-Jewish Screed: A Relentless Assault in Scholarly Guise