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Anti-Israel Riot in Sarcelles, France
AP Photo/Thibault Camus

ADL Releases Scorecard on Europe’s Response to Anti-Semitism, Hate Crime and Bigotry

The ADL released a scorecard of how the 57 participating States are responding to hate crime, anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry and proposed recommendations for action. ADL said the findings from its report are concerning in light of its recent survey which found that anti-Semitic attitudes are still deeply entrenched on the continent, with 24 percent of the adult population in Western Europe and 34 percent in Eastern Europeharboring anti-Semitic attitudes.

Read the ADL Scorecard

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Anti-Semitic Incidents at Anti-Israel Demonstrations Across Europe

In the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict, anti-Semitism surged across Europe.  Synagogues were attacked, Jewish cultural centers were vandalized, Jewish shops were threatened and identifiably Jewish individuals beaten on the street. Jews and Israel were compared to the Nazis. The chant of “death to the Jews” was heard at anti-Israel rallies.

Read About Anti-Semitism in Europe (PDF)

Religious Freedom in Europe

Two of the most fundamental Jewish rites -- circumcision and kosher slaughter -- are increasingly being challenged in Europe.

More on Religious Freedom in Europe

Recent Anti-Semitic Incidents in Europe


October 3 – Bastia (Corsica) – Swastikas were painted on the city’s synagogue.


September 30 – Athens – Anti-Semitic statements were made by Golden Dawn MP Michail Arvanitis, in the Greek Parliament.   MP Arvanitis claimed that Greek Jews do not pay taxes, and then stated that Greek Jews through their contributions to their Jewish communities send the Jewish money into the Jewish banks while the State spends money for them.

United Kingdom                

September 12, 2014 - Hertfordshire - Visibly Jewish school students were refused entry into a sporting goods store by a security guard who told them "no Jews" were allowed in. The store later apologized and the security guard was fired. 


More Anti-Semitic Incidents