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Israel & International IRAN

The Iranian Nuclear Threat: Why it Matters

Nuclear weapons in the hands of the Iranian regime will have severe repercussions for American security and the security of our allies.

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Op-Ed: Iranian Missiles and the Negotiations

News of the Israel Defense Forces interception of an Iranian cargo ship loaded with rockets and other unspecified arms destined for the Gaza Strip comes as no surprise. It is a stark reminder to the international community that there is more to dealing with Iran than getting to an acceptable and verifiable agreement on the nuclear weapons issue.

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Iran's Leadership In Their Own Words

STR/AFP/Getty Images

The repeated anti-Semitic and anti-Israel views of Iran's leadership place the Iranian regime among the foremost threats to Jews and the state of Israel. Iran's leaders repeatedly demonize the state of Israel and openly call for its destruction at every opportunity. Most notoriously, they describe Israel as a "fake regime" that "must be wiped off the map."

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