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Response To Common Inaccuracy: Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

Inaccuracy:  Israel is imposing a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


Israel enables the flow of essential goods into Gaza each day. Given the ongoing threat from Hamas, Israel does restrict certain dual-use goods which could be used for military purposes. In December 2012, Israel lifted a ban on importing most construction materials into Gaza.

Each month, over 5,000 trucks carried approximately 150,000 tons of goods enter Gaza from Israel. These trucks carry food, medicine and medical equipment, building materials and other assorted items. Electricity continues to flow freely from Israel into Gaza.

Additionally, each month dozens of truckloads carrying goods produced in Gaza, including flowers and spices, are transferred to international markets via Israel.

Hamas is ultimately responsible for the difficult conditions the people of Gaza endure.  Its refusal to comply with international demands to recognize Israel's right to exist and cease terrorist operations has led to the isolation of Gaza by the international community. It has cynically exploited the harsh conditions in Gaza for public relations purposes, while continuing to expand the hostile activities that created and exacerbated these conditions.

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