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Price Tag Attacks

Since 2008, there have been repeated attacks carried out by extremist Israeli Jews against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians, often in reprisal for Israeli government action against illegal settlement activity. These attacks, which have been labeled “price tag” incidents, target mosques, churches, Arab and Jewish homes and property, Israeli military bases and vehicles, as well as other Israeli Jews. They involve the desecration of property with anti-Arab and anti-government slogans including the phrase “price tag”, often accompanied by hateful and racist slogans, the name of an illegal settlement, or a reference to an Israeli casualty of Palestinian terrorism, the implication being that the violent incident is the “cost” of Israeli government action on settlements or for anti-Israeli violence.

Last year the Israeli police established a special unit tasked with cracking down on those committing price tag assaults. The unit has thus far had minimal success.

On July 2, 2013, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon announced that price tag attacks would henceforth be defined as “illegal organizing” and treated in a similar fashion to acts of terror. Additionally, the Israeli Ministry of Education and the General Security Services (GSS) recently launched an educational program, called Hebrew Shepard, designed to work with the so-called Hilltop Youth (teenage Israeli settlers who are involved in establishing illegal outposts outside of existing settlements) to dissuade them from carrying out price tag attacks.

On December 22, 2014, two Jewish extremists were sentenced to 30 months in Israeli prison for carrying out Price Tag attacks, including setting several Palestinian vehicles on fire in a West Bank village. The two were also ordered to pay nearly $4000 in compensation to the owner of one of the cars.

Many top Israeli leaders have condemned the price tag phenomenon, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, former President Peres and President Rivlin and other senior elected officials, religious leaders and members of civil society.

ADL has also taken a strong public position on the issue, and has repeatedly issued unqualified condemnations of price tag attacks, called on law enforcement officials to investigate suspected incidents and prosecute those responsible, and encouraged prominent Israel political, religious and societal leaders to speak out against the underlying hatred and racism that motivates price tag attacks. 

The following are examples of recent major price tag attacks and acts of violence against Israeli Arabs and Palestinians:

June 30, 2015 - Jerusalem - The bilingual Hebrew-Arabic Hand-in-Hand school was spray painted with swastikas and a number of anti-Arab slogans, including Arabs to slaughter,” “Arab blood is cheap” and “Arab — the son of a whore.”

March 5, 2015 - Al-Mughayir (west Bank) - Two Palestinian vehicles were vandalized and set on fire, and the slogan "death fo Arabs" was spray painted on a nearby building. 

February 26, 2015 - Jerusalem - A Greek Orthodox Seminary was set on fire and vandalized with anti-Christian and ultra-nationalist Israeli graffiti including the slogans "Jesus is a son of a whore." 

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