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La ADL Elogia al Papa Francisco por su Constante Condena del Antisemitismo

Ahora Disponible en Español "Mejores Prácticas" para Combatir el Odio Cibernético

La ADL Conmocionada y Entristecida por la Muerte del Fiscal Especial Argentino Alberto Nisman

ADL Shocked and Saddened by Death of Argentine Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman

Tras la Toma de Rehenes en un Supermercado Kosher en París, la ADL Afirma que el Antisemitismo Está en "el Núcleo de la Ideología Islámica Extremista"

ADL Deeply Troubled by Anti-Semitic Incident in Caracas


ADL Statement on the Release of Alan Gross from Cuba

l Destacado Empresario Social Jonathan Greenblatt Es Elegido Por Unanimidad Para el Cargo de Director Nacional

La ADL Presenta Sitio Web en Español con Resultados del Sondeo Global 100 Sobre Actitudes Antisemitas

La ADL Publica Informe en Español Sobre el “Dramático” Aumento del Antisemitismo Global Durante la Operación de Israel en Gaza

ADL: Venezuelan Government Contributing to Climate of Rising Anti-Semitism

On 20th Anniversary of Argentina Jewish Community Center Bombing, ADL Renews Call for Justice

La ADL Califica de “Alarmante” el Uso Dado por una Escuela de Arte en Chile a la Simbología Nazi

ADL Calls Chilean Art School’s Use of Nazi Symbolism “Shocking”

Abraham Foxman se Retirará de su Cargo Como Director Nacional De La ADL en Julio De 2015

ADL to FIFA: Hold Chilean Club Team Accountable for Anti-Israel Jerseys


ADL Calls for Release of Alan Gross on 4th Anniversary of Imprisonment

ADL Voices Concern Over Anti-Semitic Remarks of Chilean Presidential Candidate’s Campaign Coordinator

On 19th Anniversary of Argentina Terror Attack, Iran Continues to Deny its Culpability

En el nuevo libro, expertos de la ADL le ofrecen a la industria del Internet un modelo para la lucha contra el discurso de odio en-línea

La ADL Recibe Subvención Multimillonaria para Establecer un Índice de Antisemitismo Global

La ADL denuncia a Richard Falk, de las Naciones Unidas, por intentar culpar “a Tel Aviv” del ataque terrorista en Boston.

Abundan las teorías conspiratorias a medida que los extremistas y fanáticos reaccionan a la tragedia del maratón de Boston

En Su Centenario, La ADL Lanza Gran Campaña De Concientización Del Público

ADL Calls on Argentine Congress to Withhold Approval of Agreement with Iran Setting Up Joint "Truth Commission" to Investigate '94 AMIA Terror Attack

ADL Deeply Troubled by Reports That Venezuela’s Government Intelligence Agency Is Spying on the Jewish Community

La ADL Muy Preocupada Por Informes Que Afirman Que El SEBIN Está Espiando A La Comunidad Judía en Venezuela.

ADL Deeply Concerned by Argentina-Iran "Truth Commission" Investigating '94 AMIA Terror Attack


U.S. Latino Leaders on 'Trip of a Lifetime' to Israel Get Up-Close Look at Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

ADL Appalled by 'Dialogue' Between Argentine and Iranian Government Officials Over 1994 AMIA Terror Attack

On the Anniversary of the AMIA-DAIA Bombing, ADL Urges Argentina to Continue Investigating Attack and Counter Iranian Influence

Anti-Semitism A 'Convenient Tool And Ultimate Scapegoat' As Chavez Regime Attacks Presidential Rival In Venezuela

ADL Honors Salvadoran Diplomat Who Saved European Jews During the Holocaust

ADL Outraged by Anti-Semitic Conspiracies Circulating in Connection with Tragic Fire in Chilean Patagonia


Latino and Latin American Legislators and Public Officials Explore Israel On ADL Mission

Prominent Latino And Latin American Journalists Get Up-Close At Israel On ADL Mission

ADL-DAIA Survey Finds 'Ingrained, Pervasive' Anti-Semitic Attitudes in Argentina

ADL Condemns Anti-Semitic Assault in Buenos Aires


Annoucements by Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay on Palestinian Statehood Premature and "Cynical"

At ADL Workshops, Latin American Jewish Leaders Exchange Community Strategies

ADL Expresses Condonences on the Death of Argentina's Former President Nestor Kirchner

ADL Calls On Chilean Government To Condemn Anti-Semitic Incidents

Anti-Semitism in Venezuela in Wake of the Gaza Flotilla, Chavez Conspiracies: A Gateway to Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism On Rise In Venezuela In Aftermath Of Gaza Flotilla Affair

ADL Welcomes Honor Bestowed On Salvadoran Diplomat Who Saved Thousands Of Jews During The Holocaust

Argentinean Prosecutor Determined To Achieve Justice In 1994 AMIA Bombing


Anti-Semitism Injected Into Controversy Over Proposed Primate Facility In Puerto Rico

ADL Condemns Brutal Killing Of Gay Teenager In Possible Hate Crime In Puerto Rico

ADL Commemorates 15th Anniversary of AMIA Terrorist Attack

Argentinean Prosecutor Determined To Achieve Justice In 1994 AMIA Bombing

ADL Condemns Brazilian Archbishop's Statement On Holocaust; Says Church 'Must Take Strong Action' Against Deniers

ADL Leader: Gaza War Unleashed 'Pandemic Of Anti-Semitism'

ADL Welcomes Venezuelan Government Statement Condemning Synagogue Attack

ADL Condemns Outburst of Anti-Semitism in Argentina

Decisions By Venezuela And Bolivia To Cut Ties With Israel Is "Inflammatory And Offensive"

Chavez Fosters Atmosphere Of Intimidation And Fear For Venezuelan Jewish Community


ADL To Argentinean Officials: Concrete Results Needed In Investigation Of Terrorist Attacks Against Jews

ADL Honors 'The Mexican Schindler' For Heroic Rescue Of Jews

On AMIA Bombing Anniversary, ADL Urges Argentina To Puruse All Leads In Jewish Center Attack

ADL Leaders Briefed On Anti-Semitism Religion In The Public Square, Issues In Campaign 2008, and Iranian Threat


ADL Welcomes Interpol Decision to Uphold Arrest Warrant in 1994 Attack on Argentine Jewish Center

Argentinean Jewish Leaders Brief ADL On Disturbing Rise In Anti-Semitic Incidents


Report: Anti-Semitism on Rise in Venezuela; Chavez Government "Fosters Hate" Toward Jews and Israel

ADL Urges El Salvador and Costa Rica to Reverse Decision Moving Embassies from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

Venezuelan President 'Needs A Reality Check' After Comparing Israel's Actions In Lebanon To The Nazis

ADL to South American Governments: Don't Legitimize Hamas


ADL Condemns Venezuelan School Raid


ADL Commemorates Ninth Anniversary of Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center Bombing


ADL Will Bring Anti-Bias Education Programs to Argentina


ADL Leader Foxman Relates Kristallnacht as a Lesson for Today During Mission to Uruguay, Argentina and Chile

ADL Urges Argentina to Pursue Justice as Fifth Anniversary of Bombing Nears


On Third Anniversary of Jewish Center Bombing in Buenos Aires, ADL Urges Argentinean President to Vigorously Pursue Investigation


Growing Exploitation Of The Internet By Anti-Semites And Racists And Violence Against Israelis Lead ADL 1996 List Of Top Ten Stories Affecting Jews


ADL Asks U.S. To Press Argentina For Counterterrorism Measures

ADL Disturbed By Report Of Argentine-Syrian Nuclear Link

Disturbed By Appeals Court, ADL Urges Argentina To Hold Accused Nazi War Criminal For Extradition To Italy Pending Appeal

ADL To 4 Countries Recently Hit By Skinhead Violence: You're Not Alone In Fighting Growing Worldwide Menace

ADL Welcomes Argentina's Extradition Of Former Nazi To Stand Trial In Italy For Crimes Against Humanity

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