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The UN

Israel’s Acceptance Into WEOG “Removes a Significant Hurdle” to the Jewish State’s U.N. Involvement

ADL welcomed the announcement that Israel’s status in the WEOG (Western European and Others Group) has been extended to enable the Jewish State to fully participate in U.N. activities in Geneva, the seat of many important bodies, including the Human Rights Council.

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Israel At The UN: A History Of Bias And Progress

The United Nations has long been a source of mixed feelings for the Jewish community. While the UN played a pivotal role in the creation of the State of Israel, the international body has a continuing history of a one-sided, hostile approach to Israel.

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ADL Letter to UN Ambassador Power on Support for Israel at UN

Your consistent support for enhancing Israel's role at the UN, both at Security Council and in other forums, is a demonstration of your and President Obama's unwavering commitment to Israel and to ensuring the Jewish State's fair treatment in the international arena.

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