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The Rift Between the U.S. and Israel

December 29, 2016

Letters to the Editor
The New York Times

To the Editor:

Re “Israel and the Two-State Solution” (editorial, Dec. 29):

Regrettably, developments over the last few days will likely worsen the very point that Secretary of State John Kerry identified as the critical hurdle to reaching a two-state solution: the lack of trust and confidence between the parties.

The Security Council resolution and Mr. Kerry’s harsh and hectoring speech will confirm to Israelis — even those most supportive of a two-state solution — that the Jewish state is being held to a different standard, and that it is being dictated to without real reciprocal demands being made of Palestinians, even as they promote destructive international initiatives that circumvent direct negotiations.

We recognize the concern regarding policies and dynamics that may jeopardize the path to a viable and secure two-state solution. But the unjust action at the Security Council and at the State Department only pushes those prospects further out.


Marvin D. Nathan
National Chair

Jonathan A. Greenblatt
CEO & National Director

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