ADL’s Center for Technology and Society Brings the Good Fight Online

2017 Impact Report

A journalist checks her Twitter feed and finds her image photo-shopped onto a picture of a concentration camp gas chamber. A white supremacist picks up his smartphone and rallies a “troll army” to viciously harass his critic. This is what hate looks like in the digital age.
The exponential growth of online hate and harassment prompted ADL to launch its Center for Technology and Society (CTS) in 2017. CTS works in partnership with industry, government, academia and nonprofit groups to develop smart strategies and practical solutions to address the problem of hate speech online. CTS is a resource to tech companies, providing them with innovative ideas for tackling hate and harassment on their platforms, and helping them develop proactive solutions for maintaining both respect and freedom of expression for their users.

By bringing the fight against hate online, CTS is applying ADL’s civil rights mission to the unique challenges of the 21st century.  In recognition of ADL’s innovative approach to combating cyber-hate, Recode named Jonathan Greenblatt to The Recode 100 for 2017, a list of the people in tech, business and media who mattered in 2017.

Leading the Fight Against Online Hate

In a year when online hate tore at the fabric of society, ADL announced new initiatives to combat online hate. CTS was created with seed funding from Omidyar Network and more than a dozen tech sector leaders joined CTS' Tech Advisory Board as ADL expanded its effort to counter the growing problem of online hate and harassment. With Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter, ADL announced its Cyberhate Problem-Solving Lab to pioneer new solutions to stop cyberhate and ADL held its first ever competitive hackathon with the goal of developing games to change attitudes and reduce bias, especially among youth.

“Now more than ever as anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism and other discrimination has exploded online, it’s critical that we are bringing the best resources we can amass to this fight.” -  Brittan Heller, Director, ADL’s Center for Technology and Society Share via Twitter Share via Facebook

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