'The Good Fight' Presents a Century of Civil Rights Struggles and Progress Through a Personal Lens

2017 Impact Report

America’s struggle to fulfill the promise of freedom and equality for all has been sporadically violent, often triumphant, and always risky. The Good Fight: America's Ongoing Struggle For Justice book created by The New York Times best-selling authors Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, and made possible by the generous support of Eric and Linda Horodas, captures America's struggles and progress to fulfill this promise. 

Fought in the streets, the courthouse, and the corridors of Congress, it is a story that has become America's own morality play, illustrated here through more than 180 memorable photographs, nearly 60 embedded videos, over a dozen compelling essays, plus examples of music and lyrics that rallied America's resistance to injustice. It shows us how much we as a nation have accomplished; it reminds us of the fragility of our success and how quickly this hard-fought progress can slip away if we do not remain vigilant. 

For those who wish to eradicate bigotry and intolerance in America, The Good Fight is a call to action. ADL was proud to partner in the 2017 publication of this timely and evocative survey of the fight for civil rights; we’re even prouder of the pivotal role that ADL played in so many of the book’s inspirational stories.

Eric & Linda Horodas at the launch of "The Good Fight" book
Eric and Linda Horodas, sponsors of The Good Fight: America’s Ongoing Struggle for Justice

"The heartrending, inspirational images of the fight for equality show us how far we’ve come in America over the past 100 years and how far we still have to go.” - Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO, Salesforce  Share via Twitter Share via Facebook

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