Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people. The overwhelming majority of Jewish people around the globe, regardless of political orientation, consider a connection to Israel a part of their Jewish identity.

For decades, ADL has worked to support a secure Jewish and democratic state of Israel and to promote a strong and constructive US-Israel relationship.  ADL is a strong advocate for a two-state solution, calling for a mutually negotiated and sustainable peace agreement that can ensure security, self-determination and dignity for both Israelis and Palestinians.  We champion policies and initiatives that foster Israeli-Palestinian understanding and people-to-people engagement and call out those who would undermine such progress and ultimately peace.  ADL celebrates wider Israeli-Arab normalization and peace efforts in the region as a critical driver for regional security, stability and people-to-people understanding.  

Understanding the complexities of current issues confronting Israel, both external threats and internal challenges, is important in helping to separate facts from misleading assertions and misrepresentations.  Through analysis and action, ADL seeks to unpack historical and contemporary developments, and encourage thoughtful, informed and fair discourse about Israel, Israeli-Palestinian relations, and Israel’s place in the broader Middle East and the world.

ADL recognizes that, like all other countries, Israel should not be exempt from criticism, however ADL educates and engages on how certain harsh expressions about the Jewish state and Zionism can be antisemitic.  We raise awareness about efforts to delegitimize Israel’s existence, which is often a characteristic of the BDS (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement's campaigns and initiatives.

ADL In Israel

On the ground in Jerusalem, ADL's Israel office advocates for a Jewish and democratic state and works to help build a cohesive society. We speak out on issues of hate, discrimination and inequities, and actively oppose initiatives that would serve to undermine Israel’s vibrant democratic institutions and pluralistic fiber. 

We advocate in support of vulnerable and minority communities — Jewish, Muslim, and Christian — including Ethiopian, Charedi, Bedouin, Druze, LGBTQ+ and African asylum seekers. We work in partnership with civil society organizations and activists across Israel to strengthen our reach and bring diverse Israeli communities and coalitions together. Our educational programs engage Israelis of all backgrounds on issues of understanding, tolerance and respect.