Unchecked antisemitism and bias in the workplace inevitably affect employees and lead to a non-inclusive work culture that normalizes hate. We work with businesses and organizations of all types to provide antisemitism education programming and resources to help workplaces create inclusive spaces where all employees can thrive.


Why Now

With antisemitism on the rise, it is time for workplaces to join the fight against bias and hatred and ensure that addressing antisemitism and the experiences of Jewish employees are part of organizational culture and workplace diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy.

ADL’s 2022 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents recorded 3,697 incidents of assault, harassment and vandalism against Jews in the U.S. — the highest number since ADL began tracking in 1979. An ADL survey in 2021 found that 63% of Jews had experienced or witnessed an antisemitic incident in the past five years and that business establishments were the fourth most frequent location where antisemitic incidents took place. Seventy-five percent of Jews say that there is more antisemitism than there was five years ago, and 53% feel less safe, according to the Pew Research Center’s Survey of Jewish Americans.



Through our work with the business community, ADL has advised companies from a range of industries, from technology and social media to hospitality, construction and real estate, on how to deal with bias and hate on their platforms and in their workplaces. ADL has organized high-profile coalition-based campaigns like Stop Hate for Profit, which brought together ADL, the NAACP, LULAC, Color of Change and Common Sense Media among other organizations and united more than 1,100 brands in a successful effort to expose Facebook for its lax approach to combating antisemitism and racism.

Through our education work, from K-12 classrooms to campuses and workplaces, ADL reaches more than five million youth and adults across the nation each year through facilitated programs, online courses and digital resources.

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Workplace Education on Demand

Antisemitism 101 for the Workplace

A 45 minute on-demand interactive module, supports professionals at all levels in developing their awareness and understanding of antisemitism. Through participation in this module, participants will begin to learn about diversity of Jewish identity and culture; define antisemitism and the myths and stereotypes reinforcing it; recognize how antisemitism shows up in the workplace and ways to take action.

Educational Resources

Workplace culture plays a vital role in shaping conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). ADL offers education products, programs and resources to encourage and support corporate, institutions, and non-profit staff, managers, leadership and boards.

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Speak Out Against Antisemitism in the Workplace

This resource provides DEI/HR professionals with a framework for understanding the importance of including antisemitism as part of DEI initiatives and company culture.

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Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Given the relative absence of religious or faith-based ERGs, this resource provides clarity on why Jewish ERGs are necessary, how to create one, and supporting resources.

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Religious Accommodations in the Workplace

This guide provides an overview of laws protecting identity in the workplace, how to proactively take action, and a list of annual religious holidays.

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Calendar of Observances

Increase your awareness about religious holidays and observances, and ethnic and cultural festivities that may be relevant to students, colleagues and neighbors in your community.

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Sign the Workplace Pledge to Fight Antisemitism

ADL calls for major American corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to prevent antisemitism through DEI efforts, support for employee groups and guarantees of religious accommodations.

Get Involved

The Jewish community is more than just a religious group. Jews are also an ethnic group, a people and a culture. Because of this complexity, antisemitism can often take the form of a racialized bigotry. Educating on antisemitism is critical for all DEI and HR professionals and the time is now to get involved in programs and networks that can help corporations create a safe and welcoming workplace for all.

National Jewish Employee Resource Group (ERG) Network

Because of the unique experience Jewish professionals face in the workplace, especially those who have intersecting identities, even despite structures in place to support them, Jewish professionals can still feel siloed, silenced, and in need of communal space. To empower Jewish employees to advocate effectively within their companies and communities on topics including antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and broader DEI issues impacting the Jewish community, ADL hosts a National Jewish ERG Network.

Contact workplace@adl.org

Corporate Partners Against Hate

ADL’s National Corporate Partners Against Hate provides crucial support for our mission-driven programming. As a Corporate Partner Against Hate, a company can access the full range of ADL workplace educational services including live presentations, fireside chats, Lunch & Learns, and private briefings with ADL content experts. Our partners also have access to unique recognition opportunities locally and nationally.

Contact corporatepartners@adl.org

Never is Now

Never Is Now is the world’s largest annual summit on antisemitism and hate which brings together thousands of individuals from around the world. This in-person and virtual event brings renounced experts and speakers to the stage to engage and support individuals and communities to combat antisemitism, hate, and extremism in all its forms.

Contact neverisnow@adl.org

Shine A Light

Using the powerful story of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, to champion the message that light can dispel darkness, Shine A Light seeks to catalyze conversations within and across communities to help individuals better understand and respond to antisemitism. ADL is a proud part of this national coalition of over 100 Jewish and non-Jewish organizations and provides resources and engagement opportunities for professionals, educators and students.

Contact shinealight@adl.org

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Report an Incident

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of antisemitism, extremism, bias, bigotry or hate, please report it to ADL.