ADL Brand Box

Welcome to the ADL Brand Box. Please read instructions below to locate and download the ADL assets that you need to complete your project work.


  • ADL Logo with Tagline should be used as the primary logo for ADL. Generally, the logo with tagline should be used in its most prominent application on your communications piece. Subsequent use of the logo will not require the tagline. Regional logos can be used for region-specific projects at your discretion.
  • Download the Visual Style Guide: Please download the Visual Style Guide for reference and provide to all vendors that will be implementing the ADL Brand.
  • Select the assets that you need: After downloading the Visual Style Guide, select from the menu below to locate the logos and assets that you need.
  • Please check the Asset Library regularly for updates to the Style Guide and assets. Brand and Marketing must approve all externally created use of the logo. Please submit externally created materials to Alex Suleymanov. Please give Alex time to respond.


National Logos

Regional Logos