ADL Global 100


The ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism® is the most extensive such poll ever conducted, involving 102 countries and territories. It provides important insights into national and regional attitudes toward Jews, the levels of acceptance of anti-Semitic stereotypes and knowledge of the Holocaust.  

The Index is wide-ranging, and was conducted in 96 languages and dialects in countries with significant Jewish populations, in countries which once had Jewish populations, and in countries which never had significant Jewish populations. The findings allow us to not only better understand the magnitude of anti-Semitism around the world, but to assess where it is most problematic, how pervasive it is in certain regions, and exactly which anti-Jewish beliefs are the most seriously entrenched.

In 2019, ADL updated the poll with a more focused survey that included 14 European countries plus four other countries with significant Jewish populations: Argentina, Brazil, Canada and South Africa.  

Among other findings, the survey discovered that roughly one out of every four residents of the European countries polled in 2019 fall into the most anti-Semitic category of stereotypes tested in the index. 2019’s Global 100 also evidences that long-held tropes about Jewish control of business and finance and of “dual loyalty” remain widespread while hateful notions about Jews are rising particularly in Eastern and Central European countries. 


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ADL is grateful to our generous supporters for enabling 2019’s Global 100 Index to come to fruition.