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ADL’s Tracker of Anti-Semitic Incidents is a compilation of recent cases of anti-Jewish vandalism, harassment, and assault reported to or detected by ADL. This list is not exhaustive and incidents in the Tracker may be removed if they are determined not credible upon further investigation by ADL. ADL’s H.E.A.T. Map provides comprehensive statistics on domestic instances of anti-Semitism, extremism and terrorism. The Map is updated monthly with incidents from the Tracker and should be viewed in conjunction with the Tracker’s list of recent events. Information about how ADL selects incidents can be found here.
, New York

A series of anonymous bomb threats were sent to Jewish Community Centers throughout New York nationwide.

Source: NBC New York

, Illinois

Anti-Semitic, racist, and anti-Hispanic graffiti was written on the glass of a storefront used by a political action committee working to support presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Source: CWBChicago

, New Jersey

Trash cans and dumpsters outside a Jewish-owned business were defaced with swastika graffiti.

San Diego
, California

Members of the Black Nationalist group, Uhuru, protested at SDSU and made anti-Semitic remarks including that SDSU is "controlled by Zionist masters."

, Illinois

Fliers that read "White Power, Get Some!" with images of swastikas were found around campus at Eastern Illinois University.

, New York

Swastika vandalism discovered inside the 15th Street-Prospect Park subway station in the Windsor Terrace/Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn.

, Rhode Island

A fake campaign sticker for presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was affixed to a stop sign. The sticker read, "Blacks need to respect Jewish authority, Bloomberg 2020."

Source: Reported to ADL

, Massachusetts

Star of David graffiti was found spray-painted on front doors of two apartment buildings in the South End neighborhood of Boston.

, West Virginia

KKK fliers targeting African Americans and Jewish people were left on front porches early Saturday morning.

Source: WTOV 9

East Lansing
, Michigan

A member of Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) fraternity at Michigan State University spray-painted a swastika on the grounds of his fraternity. He was subsequently suspended from the fraternity.

For a more expansive list of anti-Semitic incidents, please see the ADL HEAT Map.

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