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ADL Workshops for Law Enforcement - Module Overview

Three of ADL's interactive workshops (Introduction to Hate Crimes, Violent Extremism 101 and Inclusive Policing) can be customized to fit agency needs with respect to length, schedule and level of interaction. A description of the standard modules and approximate times follows.

Violent Extremism 101 Modules

  • Elements of Violent Extremism (15 - 45 minutes): overview of definitions, concepts and the broad landscape of extremist ideologies and groups
  • Recognizing Violent Extremism (15 - 60 minutes): discussion of indicators suggestive of a motivation or intention to commit extremist-motivated violence coupled with a scenario-based exercise
  • Behaviors, not Stereotypes (15 - 20 minutes): reflective presentation and discussion on the impact of bias on our ability to objectively evaluate and engage with key community partners to address violent extremist threats
  • Growth & Impact of Violent Extremism (20 minutes): data-drive presentation and discussion of trends in extremist violence
  • Addressing Violent Extremism (15 - 45 minutes): presentation and discussion on the value of community engagement, partnerships and resilience; strategy for generating increased collaboration coupled with an optional discussion-based exercise

Introduction to Hate Crimes Modules

  • Elements of a Hate Crime (15 - 45 minutes): overview of definitions, concepts, legal framework coupled with optional scenario-based exercise
  • Motive, Investigations and Interviews (15 - 45 minutes): an exploration of key indicators relevant to motivate, best practices in interviewing victims coupled with an optional scenario-based exercise
  • Managing our own Biases (15-30 minutes): reflective presentation and discussion on the impact of bias on trusting relationships with the community, review of barriers to reporting hate crimes and discussion of techniques for reducing internalized bias and its impact on trust
  • Prioritizing & Reporting Hate Crimes (15 - 20 minutes): data-driven presentation and discussion of the impact of hate crimes and incidents, unpacking of common myths related to reporting
  • Scenario practice (15 - 45 minutes): interactive scenario-based exercise designed to check and strengthen participants achievement of learning objectives

Inclusive Policing Modules

  • Trust, Legitimacy & Communities (20 - 90 minutes): data-driven presentation on the importance of trust, legitimacy (including grounding definitions for each) and their relationship to effective policing coupled with an optional discussion-based activity
  • Historical & Contemporary Barriers to Trust & Legitimacy (20 - 90 minutes): discussion of generational and vicarious trauma, historical relationships between law enforcement and marginalized communities coupled with an optional discussion-based activity
  • Inclusive Policing Framework (20-60 minutes): overview of key components of inclusive policing; e.g., collaboration, transparency, resilience, health and well-being coupled with an optional discuss-based activity
  • Inclusive Recruitment, Training & Retention (15 - 60 minutes): overview of trends in training and recruitment; best practices for increasing diversity coupled with an optional strategic planning-based exercise
  • Inclusive Leadership and Resilient Communities (15 - 90 minutes): discussion of key attributes of inclusive leadership, resilient communities couple with optional resilience assessment exercise and discussion-based/strategic-planning exercises
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