Children's Literature

Alicia and the Hurricane: A Story of Puerto Rico/Alicia Y El Huracán: Un Cuento De Puerto Rico

Author(s) Leslea Newman
Illustrator(s) Elizabeth Erazo Baez
Age Group 4-8
Publisher Children's Book Press
ISBN 978-0892394555
Year 2022
Alicia and the Hurricane

After snuggling into bed each night, Alicia listens for the big voices of the tiny coquíes that live all around Puerto Rico and sing her to sleep. Ko-kee, ko-kee, the little frogs call. Ko-kee, ko-kee. One day a terrible hurricane comes to Puerto Rico, and Alicia and her family take refuge in a shelter. At bedtime Alicia hears grown-ups snoring and babies crying, wind howling and rain pounding. But even though she listens hard, she cannot hear the song of the coquíes. Are the little tree frogs safe? And what will Alicia and her family find at home when the storm is over? 

This book is in English and Spanish.

Alicia and the Hurricane