Become a Leader

Join hundreds of local and national leaders whose commitment drives ADL work.

Be the change you believe in

Successive generations of activists—speaking up and working for the common good, building coalitions for change—have spurred on the work of ADL. Their passion and commitment have helped our organization grow and thrive, as our collective vision has grown. You, too, can be part of this grassroots advocacy that fulfills ADL’s mission “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all....”

National Advocacy & Engagement Committee

Annually, at our national leadership conference, ADL organizes dozens of group constituent visits with Members of Congress. But what happens when these constituents and ADL leaders return home? This question is the impetus for this new committee, which will leverage the momentum of these and future lobbying visits as well as the networks that support our regional ADL offices.

Glass Leadership Institute

For two decades, the Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) has been ADL’s flagship leadership development program for new and emerging advocates. Endowed by Sherwin and Shirley Glass in memory of their daughter, Shana, GLI has fostered broader engagement and trained thousands to become skilled ADL ambassadors. Following a year of work with regional offices, GLI participants “graduate” at a national conference. This immersive three-day meeting brings them to Washington, DC, where they connect with ADL leaders and partners from around the globe, meet with their Congressional representatives on Capitol Hill, and learn about the issues that demand their attention and action.

ADL Grosfeld Family National Youth Leadership Mission

Each year more than 100 high school juniors travel to Washington, DC, as part of ADL's National Youth Leadership Mission, to discover how they can help create change. Participating students visit the U.S. Holocaust Museum, attend the Concert against Hate, meet with ADL staff and visit their legislators on Capitol Hill. The Mission culminates in the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute mini-conference. Supported through a generous grant from the Grosfeld Family, these young people come to understand how change happens and how policy is made.

Recognize excellence

ADL regularly honors individuals who have made courageous stands for justice and fought resolutely against anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry. Our long list of awards includes donor-funded accolades, such as the Jan Karski Courage to Care Award, which has paid solemn tributes for years to rescuers, often posthumously, and the Making a Difference Award, which shines a spotlight on high-profile figures who actively work to create a more respectful, inclusive society. Lady Gaga, whose Born This Way Foundation reduces bias and bullying among young people, was the most recent Making a Difference honoree.