Bias in Our Everyday Lives

No Place for Hate Activity
Diverse group of junior high students talking on stairs


GRADE LEVEL: High School


In the news and on social media stories, we are seeing many stories about people experiencing bias as they go about their daily lives—riding the subway, shopping in a store, dining in a restaurant and hanging out with friends. The surge of such stories makes it seem like racism, sexism and other forms of bias and discrimination are becoming more pervasive. Are bias incidents like these on the rise, or are we just hearing more about them? Are there more stories coming out because there is greater public awareness about bias or because people are using their smartphones to record these incidents?

In this activity, students will:

  • Reflect on examples of everyday bias and the impact it has on those in the targeted groups.
  • Explore what actions can be taken in order to make their school or community spaces more welcoming and inclusive for all.