ADL’s Terrorism Update Examines U.S. Residents Linked To Terror

  • May 28, 2015



ISIS militants

The newest edi­tion of Ter­ror­ism Update, ADL’s newslet­ter pro­vid­ing news and analy­sis on inter­na­tional ter­ror­ist orga­ni­za­tions and their fol­low­ers in the U.S., is now available.

The fea­ture arti­cle details the 40 U.S. citizens and residents who have been linked to terrorism motivated by Islamic extremism in 2015 including recent arrests in California, Texas and Georgia and provides information on their demographics and goals.

The newslet­ter includes a pro­file on Mohamed Abdulahi Hassan, a Minnesota man who joined Al Shabaab, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia, and who may have inspired as many as 11 people living in the U.S., including the Garland shooters and several Americans who attempted to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

This edi­tion also includes infor­ma­tion on multiple ISIS-related arrests, women engaged in Islamic extremism, hacking activity by the ISIS cyber-unit, the declassified Osama bin Laden memos, propaganda videos by ISIS and Al Shabaab, and the death of Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn.

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