After Executive Action on Immigration, Extremists Lash Out

  • November 26, 2014

Extremists in the United States responded to President Obama’s announcement of executive action on immigration by attacking the President, blaming Jews and calling for whites to become “conscious” and distance themselves from the current political system and society.


The racist and anti-Semite Pat Buchanan penned an article published in in which he claimed the President, “ensured the remaking of America.” Buchanan wrote, “Now when the wives and children of the illegals arrive, and their extended families apply for and receive visas, and bring their wives and children, we will become the Third World country of Obama's dream, no more a Western nation.” Adrian Krieg, a director with the white supremacist American Freedom Party (AFP) also attacked the President in a column on the AFP website, asserting, “This was the act of a despotic sociopath acting outside law, and in a veiled attempt to paint the opposition into a corner.”

In a piece on his website, anti-Semite David Duke blamed Jews for the President’s actions, declaring, “This strategy—of ensuring that America’s founding European population be reduced to a minority—and then preferably into total irrelevance—has been a major goal of the Jewish Supremacists since the days of Jacob Javits and his fellow Zio-racists since the 1960s, when the first Jewish-promoted immigration reforms were started.” Fellow anti-Semite Andrew Anglin echoed Duke’s comments on his Daily Stormer website, asserting, “The reason here is that the Republicans aren’t actually against it. The big business Jews who run the GOP are in agreement with the commie Jews who run the Democratic Party: mass third world immigration is a good thing.”

White nationalist Richard Spencer called for a new white identity in an article on the website of his group National Policy Institute (NPI). Spencer claimed the President’s actions could mark a “beginning of a movement of Identity.” This identity can flourish, Spencer wrote “even if half the channels on cable are ‘en espaniol [sic].’” Gregory Hunter, a contributor to the white supremacist online publication Counter-Currents, responded in a similar vein to Spencer. Hunter argued, “It seems self-evident that European-Americans should turn on those who have betrayed them, renounce the failed American experiment, and secure their own destroy [sic] by any means necessary – secession, rebellion, and the eventual goal of the White Republic.” Hunter went on to assert that “no progress will be made unless European-Americans become conscious of themselves as Europeans abroad.”